US Space Force announces plans for satellites to patrol the Moon


The project will be coordinated by the United States Air Force Research Lab (AFRL).

The above Cislunar Highway Patrol System (CHPS) video was uploaded to the AFRL YouTube channel. The plans for the video involve a probe that will patrol cislunar space, the vast area around Earth that extends beyond the Moon’s orbit.

Until now, the United States’ space mission extended 22,000 miles above Earth. It was before, it is now. The Air Force Research Laboratory extends that range ten times and the United States area of ​​operations 1,000 times, extending our reach across the Moon into cislunar space.“, explains the narrator of the video.

After the development of the satellite at AFRL, the probe will be acquired by the US Space Force for use by US Space Command. The AFRL will solicit prototype proposals for the CHPS satellite on March 21, 2022, before announcing which proposal will be awarded the contract in July 2022.

The US Space Force will ensure the peaceful development of space, ensuring the safety and security of our missions in these distant frontiers. Responsible use of space and unfettered access to space domain awareness ensures collision avoidance, in-orbit logistics, communication, navigation, and maneuvering, all critical to the United States and commerce , allied space science and exploration.“, continued the narrator of the video.


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