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Limits on first online loans

Limits on first online loans

The first loan limit is used by companies in the non-banking loan sector for several reasons. First of all, it’s about security issues. The limitation of the liability amount to several hundred, a maximum of PLN 1,600 is applied in order not to lead to excessive customer debt. Small amounts are associated with a lower risk of default and non-payment. In addition, you avoid taking the amount of money that you will not fully use, and thus – you will not have to bear unnecessary costs. It is also protection against financial problems. In this way, the lender can also know how reliable you are and how you deal with paying your liabilities. Non-bank companies do not have access to the resources of the Credit Information Bureau, although they can direct the inquiry via BIG InfoMonitor, if the client agrees. Setting a spread for the first loan amount online and limiting the number of obligations to one in a given period also serves to reduce to a minimum the risk that you will start applying for money to pay off other debts.

Good Cash without limits

Good Cash without limits

Good Cash has more confidence in customers. The company does not divide clients into new and permanent ones, thanks to which everyone applying for an online loan has the chance to apply for the maximum amount available, i.e. PLN 1,800. You can borrow PLN 100 the least. The final amount of the commitment that will be granted depends on your creditworthiness, that is, whether your income allows you to get the amount and pay it according to the contract. The repayment period at Good Cash is from 7 to 30 days.

Porfel – up to PLN 1,400 for free

Porfel - up to PLN 1,400 for free

Online loan thresholds also do not apply Porfel. In this case, you can choose from between PLN 100-3500, on which you have 5 to 45 days to return. However, only with your first loan can you count on not paying extra money for it. The condition of a free commitment is applying for no more than PLN 1,400. An online loan at Porfel is available to people who are at least 23 years old. In case of problems with timely repayment, the loan can be extended by 10, 20, 30 or 45 days.

Quick Cash – up to PLN 3,000 with your first loan

Quick Cash - up to PLN 3,000 with your first loan

Fast Cash is another company that offers unlimited online loans to new customers. If you need extra money, you can get PLN 100 less and PLN 3000 most. You have 1 to 30 days to refund your interest plus interest. The offer can be used by anyone over 18 years of age who has a personal bank account and an active mobile phone, and is not in arrears with other loans or credits.


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