Try to spot the man-made object hiding in this NASA ISS photo


NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei has challenged his social media followers to find the man-made object in this photo taken from the ISS.

Mark Vande Hei / NASA

Most of us will never board a spaceship, explode that rock, or spend time in orbit contemplating the breathtaking views of the Earth below. So we turn to astronauts like NASA’s Mark Vande Hei to share this experience through images. Sometimes the experience involves a bit of hide and seek.

Vande Hei is currently aboard the International Space Station. He used his perspective to offer us this week, the inhabitants of Earth, a visual challenge. “Can you find the man-made object in this photo?” ” Vande Hei tweeted.

The image shows a vast expanse of blue with fluffy clouds floating along the edge. He appears calm and peaceful, as if no human is nearby. But they are there.

Spotting the object can be tricky on a small screen, but magnify the image and scan it for the answer. Still looking? Here’s a clue: it’s something that floats. If you’re still looking, check out the comments on Vande Hei’s tweet where insightful viewers shared the solution.

If you have successfully completed this visual space challenge, you should try to find the Perseverance Mars rover hides in this snapshot of the red planet captured by the Ingenuity helicopter. It’s even harder.

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