transcosmos and NTT Com launch a demonstration test of a metaverse virtual contact center


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Building on the results of the demonstration, transcosmos and NTT Com hope to create a new metaverse-powered style of customer communication and support ever more diverse working styles for a more sustainable world.

transcosmos inc. and NTT Communications Corporation announced today that they launched a demonstration test of a virtual contact center in the metaverse in August to improve working conditions for employees as well as to support communication between companies and their customers. The test, an offshoot of the two companies’ respective efforts to use the metaverse for new means of communication, aims to realize employee-friendly contact centers that will allow employees to work anywhere without feeling isolated from their colleagues. . For the test, the two companies set up a virtual contact center that combines both decentralized physical contact centers and agents working from home.

1. Introduction

Today, the labor market is at a turning point due to changes brought about by digitalization such as new online communication technologies, the push towards teleworking and the relocation of workers to rural areas. These changes have also brought new challenges for businesses. To accommodate today’s diverse work styles, transcosmos has expanded its network of digital contact centers to 33 locations in Japan and 50 in other countries. Additionally, to support telecommuting, it has built the industry’s largest network of home contact centers, amounting to approximately 3,000 workstations in Japan and 10,000 in other countries. Today, more than 55,000 people worldwide work in virtual call centers operated by transcosmos.

While transcosmos offers various forms of contact center services, securing talented employees has been a challenge under the traditional model of using a metropolitan center as an operational hub connected to regional and overseas satellite centers. In particular, this model results in an additional layer of operational costs for on-site managers. Additionally, limiting physical centers to fixed locations can limit hiring opportunities. At the same time, while work-from-home arrangements can help expand work-style options, home-based agents tend to feel isolated due to a lack of communication with colleagues, unlike working in physical centers. To address these issues and scale contact center services, transcosmos and NTT Com launched their virtual contact center demo test.

The test will reflect NTT Com’s experience with various workstyle transformation services and solutions, which enable organizations to provide employees with more flexible workstyle arrangements that are not constrained by location or time, as well as NTT Com’s involvement with new services and solutions incorporating Extended Reality (EX) technology.

2. Scope of the test

The demo test aims to overcome the limitations of physical contact centers and work-from-home operations. It also aims to establish a standardized model of virtual contact centers in the metaverse that consolidate employees working in physical centers and from home.

Verification targets:

  • Working in the metaverse can help home agents feel less isolated.
  • Information sharing and escalation in the metaverse can reduce management needs.
  • Establishment and feasibility of operating rules for virtual contact centers.
  • Optimal equipment and working environments for agents.

3. Roles and Responsibilities


  • Management of virtual contact center operations.
  • Preparation of a virtual center package based on the analysis of test operational data.


  • Installation and management of telephones and communication equipment (Arcstar IP Voice, toll-free numbers, etc.)
  • Provision of the NTT XR Coworking metaverse service (metaverse space & avatars)*1

4. Comments from transcosmos/NTT Com

Kenshi Matsubara, Representative Director, Executive Vice President, Transcosmos Inc. :

transcosmos is driving the shift from physical contact centers to a work-from-home model with the goal of offering 4,000 work-from-home positions by the end of the current fiscal year ending March 2023. Building on this demo test, we aim to establish large-scale virtual contact centers that will allow employees to feel like they are working in the same place as their colleagues, eliminating the feeling of isolation when they work from home. We also aim to provide high-quality services from home environments to enable contact centers to offer more diverse ways of working.”

Satoko Takahashi, Senior Vice President, Communication and Application Services, Platform Services Division, NTT Communications Corporation:

NTT Com offers extensive services that help customers achieve work style innovation. In this demonstration, we move hundreds of agents from the transcosmos contact center to a virtual contact center in the metaverse. The goal is to make agents feel as if they are working in a large contact center in the real world and thus help transcosmos solve the problem of home agents feeling isolated from their colleagues. NTT Com is committed to developing services for new ways of working that will enable companies to build and operate next-generation contact centers.

5. Future prospects

transcosmos will continue to pilot metaverse initiatives that allow companies to meet the needs of their employees as well as pilot virtual communication services*2 to improve communication between companies and their customers. Building on the results of the demonstration, transcosmos and NTT Com hope to create a new metaverse-powered style of customer communication and support ever more diverse working styles for a more sustainable world.

*1 NTT XR Coworking (no translation available)

*2 Virtual Communication Service:

About transcosmos inc.

transcosmos began operations in 1966. Since then, we have combined superior “people” with up-to-date “technology” to enhance our customers’ competitive strength by providing them with superior and valuable services. transcosmos currently offers services that support customers’ business processes with a focus on both sales expansion and cost optimization through our 171 bases in 28 countries/regions with a focus on Asia, while by continually striving for operational excellence. In addition, following the expansion of the e-commerce market globally, transcosmos provides comprehensive one-stop global e-commerce services to deliver our customers’ excellent products and services to consumers in 46 countries/regions around the world. . transcosmos aims to be our customers’ “global digital transformation partner”, supporting customers’ transformation by leveraging digital technology, responding to the ever-changing business environment. Visit us here

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