The US Army is evaluating on-the-move communication capabilities for its armored formations


by Olivia Savage

The Belgian Ministry of Defense has handed over its satellite communications test and research facilities to the NATO Communications and Information Agency. (NCIA)

The Belgian Ministry of Defense (MoD) handed over a technical test and research facility for satellite communications (satcom) to the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA) on February 17, a announced the Belgian Ministry of Defense on 21 February.

The facility, located at Camp Casteau in Mons, Belgium, will serve as an engineering research and test center for NATO satcom, and will also conduct experimentation, research and development for future capabilities, said the announcement.

The site cost a total of 2.2 EUR ($2.5 million) and 273 labor days to build, said Giovanni Durando, owner of the satellite communications service area at the NCIA.

Capabilities tested at this facility could be used at NATO satellite ground stations in Belgium, Greece, Italy and Turkey, the announcement added.

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