The Loop: Jakara Anthony wins gold, Prince Charles responds to Queen’s Honor and ISS crashes


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This is Australia’s *first* gold medal in women’s moguls. Here is the truth:

  • Anthony had dominated the competition at Beijing Winter Olympics — with the highest score in the opening qualifying phase.
  • The 23-year-old topped the standings in the first final with an outstanding score of 81.91, then in the *second* final with 81.29, before claiming gold with an impressive score. 83.09.
  • It is also Australia’s first gold medal at these Winter Olympics, and breaks a 12 year drought for getting on the podium (I hope they had the national anthem ready).
Anthony topped the standings in all three finals.(PA: Dan Himbrechts)
  • She said she refused to be distracted by her rivals in all three finals:
  • Fires have ravaged the agricultural heartland of Western Australia overnight with farmland scorched and at least a destroyed house.
  • The bushfires came after two other major fires destroyed homes in southern WA on Saturday in Denmark and Bridgetown in a horrible weekend for firefighters.
  • Residents of Bridgetown, Washington, have been ordered to evacuate from a 500-yard radius around burning treated pine poles emitting toxic smoke. The fire in the area was contents but not controlled. This is Incident Controller Danny Mosconi:
A bushfire seen along a road at night
The bushfire in Bridgetown doubled in size on Saturday evening and leveled at least one house. (Provided)

News while you slept

Let’s get up to speed.

  • Prince Charles says he is deeply honored by the Queen’s wish that his wife Camilla be known as Queen Consort when he finally ascends the throne. He said they were “deeply aware” of the honour, adding that his “beloved wife” Camilla has been an “unwavering support”.


  • The ABC hailed the government’s decision to pump almost $3.3 billion in the national broadcaster over the next three years, saying it provides funding certainty. Government also reverses controversial funding freeze
  • And in the COVID news, elective surgery is back in Victoria and NSW (on a limited basis). In Victoria, authorities say it will be limited to day surgery in private hospitals and day centers at up to 50% of normal levels. In NSW, surgery requiring overnight stays will be allowed in private hospitals up to 75% capacity, while non-emergency elective surgery in public hospitals in regional and rural areas will also be allowed.

The news Australia is looking for

  • Tahli Gill: Half of the Australian curling team (alongside Dean Hewitt), she was about to leave China after her positive COVID test – but Beijing’s medical panel decided to let the pair stay (then they beat the Swiss 9-6 for good measure)
An Australian competing in mixed doubles curling at the Beijing Olympics.
Tahli Gill in Australia’s historic victory over Switzerland.(Reuters: Evelyn Hockstein)
  • NSW Vouchers: It’s all part of the government Dine and discover scheme – parents of school children in New South Wales can get five coupons totaling $250and adults can now apply for a $50 accommodation voucher, all to help revive the struggling tourism industry

It is the most expensive object ever built (its final cost will be more than 100 billion dollars) – but the The ISS will meet its end in the ocean in 2031announced NASA.

This day will mark the end of 32 years of building space stations, experiments, photography and – since November 2000 – continuous human habitation, while circling the planet once every 90 minutes or so.


And why does it have to go? It gets dirty and wears out – there is bacteria, fungi and other microbes who survive and thrive there too.

It also steals in about 96% oxygen atoms, which actually corrodes the exterior.

So what will NASA do next?

With its sights further afield in deep space, the US space agency funds commercial partners and outsources its low Earth orbit activities to companies such as The blue origin of Jeff Bezos and Lockheed Martin.

It’s already given Axiom space permission to attach modules to the space station, which will eventually detach to become their own facility in low Earth orbit.

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