The future is now: a space hotel will open in 2027


Space tourism has taken massive steps this year, with a growing number of companies making the idea of ​​space travel a reality for average citizens (as long as you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend). And by 2027, you won’t just be able to go to space, you may even be able to vacation there. The Sacramento start-up Orbital assembly company announced plans to open the very first luxury space hotel in just over five years.

The Voyager station will accommodate 280 guests and 112 staff, and will include the standard perks you would expect from a high-end resort, including a gym, restaurant, concert hall, and movie theater. Plus, you know, the fact that you are floating in space instead of having a nice weekend in Scottsdale.

“Be one of the first humans to vacation on a luxury space station,” the OAC website read. “Make history one of the first humans in history to own real estate in orbit.”

Now of course the big question is how much is it going to cost? And while there’s no definitive answer, there’s no doubt that a space hotel getaway will require a lot of cash. According to OAC Vice President Tim Alatorre, the high price will not really be due to the hotel stay itself, but to the travel to the hotel. “We want to make this choice an easy choice,” he said. Discover Magazine. “If you want to go to Paris for a week or you want to go to space for a week, we want it to be about preference, not money. That being said, a trip to Paris isn’t exactly cheap either.

So there’s a good chance you won’t be one of the first 280 guests to stay at Voyager Station. But over time the price will hopefully become more reasonable and who knows? Maybe by 2057, you can finally enjoy a five-star hotel experience in space. But you’d better start saving now.


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