The broadband company promises free broadband internet access if the problem is not resolved in the details of the time check


There are important works and the network starts to work at such a snail’s speed that you don’t know what to do. You must have encountered this problem often, right? In this case, if you go to contact the company that provides your network and they also give unsatisfactory answers like “it will start in a day or two, the server is down”. In such a situation, however, users are free to do so. But one broadband company made a big promise on all of these issues. Not only that, but if we don’t keep our promise, we’ve also given a guarantee that we’ll let you use the internet for free all day.

Excitel Broadband has assured its customers that if you encounter any problem while using the company’s services, your complaint will be resolved within four hours. If within four hours you do not get a proper solution from the company, free Internet services will be provided for a whole day after the problem is solved.

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In the meantime, certain rules and conditions have been set by the company in this regard, for example, customers can enjoy this facility from 9 am to 9 pm. If you make a complaint before 9 am or after 9 pm, you will be helped to find a solution to your problem but the four hour deadline will not apply.

Excital Company is currently expanding its network in many cities. If this service is also available in your city, you can definitely consider using it. Otherwise, you can also ask your current company to provide such services.


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