Telecom operators invited to monitor Internet traffic during the holidays



Richmond Mercurio – The Filipino Star

December 20, 2021 | 00h00

MANILA, Philippines – The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has ordered telecommunications companies and Internet service providers (ISPs) to step up their operations in anticipation of increased Internet traffic this holiday season.

“You are hereby invited to speed up your maintenance efforts, increase Internet / broadband capacity, and ensure that business continuity and disaster recovery protocols are in place and functioning 24/7. NTC told telecom operators and ISPs in a memorandum dated December. 17.

The NTC has said internet and online traffic is expected to increase dramatically this Christmas season.

Despite the decline in COVID-19 cases, the NTC said the Department of Health still encourages Filipinos to have their Christmas parties virtually due to the threat of the new Omicron variant.

“During the period December 17, 2021 to January 7, 2022, please observe an increased level of emergency preparedness to ensure minimum disruption and downtime by strictly adhering to prescribed service performance standards at all times.” , said the NTC.

Last year, the NTC also ordered telecom operators and ISPs to keep their services stable with the expected surge in demand in December, as parties and meetings were slated to take place virtually for the first time in the country.

In their respective reports, telecom giants PLDT Inc. and Globe Telecom Inc. said their networks remained resilient in the face of surging internet demand during the holiday season last year.



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