T-Mobile fiber optic home broadband rollout begins in New York


It has never been clearer that people need faster internet connectivity in their homes than during the coronavirus pandemic. With parents working from home while children learned at home, tensions over typical internet connections resulted in choppy video meetings and interrupted internet calls for many users. As a result, many people have started looking for faster internet connections, and when shopping it is always better to have more options.

Typically, those considering T-Mobile for their home internet use the mobile operator’s 5G or LTE networks for wireless connectivity. However, T-Mobile is deployment a new home Internet option using fiber optic connections. The service is first deployed in New York.

T-Mobile’s service promises a synchronous connection with downloads and uploads of 940 Mbps with no data limits or data caps. Many large high-speed cable internet providers, such as Xfinity, hit users with data caps that can result in significant additional costs for those who work from home or stream a lot of videos. T-Mobile’s broadband offering includes a Wi-Fi 6 router and a dedicated support team.

Another important aspect is that there are no annual contracts. Some traditional broadband cable providers lock users into a contract with early cancellation fees to get lower prices. Reports say that although the service is rolled out in New York City, it has not been officially announced by T-Mobile generally, and invitations are being sent to users who live in the served areas.

A potential caveat for those who prefer to call if they need service is that T-Mobile does not offer phone support. Rather, all support should be done via chat or email. This is probably for the best given that T-Mobile and Sprint tend to provide support to foreign countries, especially India or China. Many native English speakers struggle to understand the accents in these and other areas, which makes chat and email support a better option in certain circumstances. The price would be set at $ 60 per month and include an eero pro 6 router.

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