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We have just received a press release from Dogwoof confirming the DVD, Blu-ray and digital release of The Marvelous: Stories from the Space Station. The documentary specialist will begin the release from September 13. More below.

While the rest of us – the other 7.9 billion people here on Earth – go about our daily lives looking straight ahead, there are six other people who live off our planet 250 miles offshore. over our heads. These are the men and women of the International Space Station, whose home is a spaceship, an outpost in the cosmos.

Drawing on breathtaking archives and interviews with astronauts, cosmonauts, colleagues and their families, The Marvelous: Stories from the Space Station brings together personal testimonies of men and women who have been part of this extraordinary project – a remarkable achievement of technology, international collaboration, scientific effort and human bravery.

The International Space Station is very unique – continuously occupied since November 2000, it is a triumph of engineering and cooperation and the largest international peacetime project in history. Assembled by space walkers flying around the earth at 17,500 miles per hour, the length of a football field, its solar panels spanning over an acre, the work of 15 nations over 20 years . But the movie isn’t about the 450-ton silver spacecraft orbiting the Earth – “The Wonderful” is the story of the men and women who live there – their stories are set against the vast, beautiful, bottomless, darkness of the Universe.

For every astronaut who risks their life to get to space, there is a chain of people who help them get there. From family members saying goodbye through the protective glass at the launch site, to engineers, flight directors and dedicated teams from NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, ESA and CSA – to the teachers who inspired them, to the pioneers from space exploration, to the pilot who taught a young Peggy Whitson to fly on her farm in Iowa. It’s a story of human connection.

The Marvelous: Stories from the Space Station remains a constant reminder of humanity’s vulnerability but also of our ability to go beyond the unimaginable, to life in space.

In a world of compromise and uncertainty, the ISS is a triumph of engineering and cooperation. As an example of what man can accomplish when we put aside our differences, he is more relevant than ever.

The Marvelous: Stories from the Space Station is a Dog Star Films production in association with Fisheye Films. Directed by Clare Lewins (I’m Ali, Kareem: Minority of One, The Lost Tapes of Memphis.) and produced by BAFTA and Emmy nominee George Chignell (Citizen K, looking for Sugar Man, I’m Ali).

More as we go. Check out the box art above.


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