SpeQtral announces SpeQtral-1 quantum satellite mission for ultra-secure communications


SINGAPORE, February 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SpeQtral, an emerging leader in secure quantum communication systems, today announced at the Global Space and Technology Convention the official launch of its upcoming Quantum Key Distribution (“QKD”) satellite mission in space, SpeQtral-1.

The SpeQtral-1 satellite is scheduled to launch in 2024 and is expected to be one of the first QKD satellite missions to be launched by a commercial entity. It will demonstrate the technological feasibility of out-of-band intercontinental symmetric key delivery with an emphasis on meeting the practical business requirements of end users. In this commercial pilot phase, entities wishing to secure their data communications with QKD could use SpeQtral-1 to receive quantum keys.

SpeQtral’s QKD technology solution is a crucial element in building secure global quantum communication networks. QKD uses quantum physics, as opposed to current mathematical encryption technologies, to distribute symmetric encryption keys that can be used to secure communication networks. SpeQtral’s QKD platform enables the creation and distribution of computationally uncrackable encryption keys, leveraging the laws of physics instead of mathematical algorithms.

The satellite mission is supported by that of Singapore national space office, the Office of Space Technology and Industry (“OSTIn”) under its Space Technology Development Program (“STDP”). With the recent funding round led by Xora Innovation, this public-private partnership will accelerate the development and realization of space quantum communications. “The development and launch of the SpeQtral-1 satellite will be an important milestone that will mark the commercialization of the QKD capabilities that have been developed through that of Singapore investments in quantum research. OSTIn is pleased to support this SpeQtral mission, which is a testament to the deep technical capabilities of our local space startups and the richness of our space ecosystem.” David Tanexecutive director, OSTIn.

SpeQtral will work with local and international partners to implement the vision of achieving global QKD. The Quantum Technology Center of the national university of singaporefrom which SpeQtral comes, will be a collaborator of this mission. The SpeQtral-1 satellite will also be an important part of the Prospective End-to-End International Use Case Program for Commercial Operational QKD Applications and Services (“INT-UQKD”) supported by the European Space Agency (“ESA”) . This program includes participation of a consortium of European entities to establish a Singapore-Europe QKD link.

Chune Yang Lumco-founder and CEO of SpeQtral, said “We are delighted to have OSTIn’s full support in the execution of the SpeQtral-1 mission, and share a common vision that space quantum communications will be a game-changing strategic technology. With SpeQtral-1 satellite mission planning and development at full speed, we are poised to accelerate our engagements with international partners and end users in securing global data communications networks.

On Spectral (https://speqtral.space/):

There is a huge need for robust technologies and systems that can handle the significant security challenges posed by quantum computing innovation. Supported by a world-class multidisciplinary team of scientists, cryptographers, and quantum engineers, SpeQtral is on a mission to secure global networks for the fast approaching quantum revolution.

On OSIn:

The Space Technologies and Industry Office (OSTIn) is that of Singapore National Space Office. OSTIn is responsible for fostering the development of space technologies to meet national needs and developing a globally competitive space industry in Singapore. To support these objectives, OSTIn seeks to foster an enabling regulatory environment for that of Singapore space activities, forge international partnerships and contribute to the development of multilateral norms on space.

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