SpaceX resupplies ISS as NASA heads to Mars


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Musk quote of the week

“Success is not guaranteed, but excitement is! “- Elon Musk tweeted today, August 30, while describing SpaceX’s Mechazilla as “robot wands” that will catch the “The largest flying object ever created”. Well, when you say it that way …

SpaceX: Lawyers in Space and more

Oh, if it hadn’t been for you to meddle with Bezos! Bezos no longer runs Amazon, but its affiliate and proposed satellite plan, Project Kuiper, continues its founder’s legacy of playing with SpaceX. This time it is a letter of protest to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), urging the commission to decline SpaceX’s proposal for two different satellite configurations and instead push the company to submit only one.

Despite Bezos, SpaceX is booming. On August 29, SpaceX launched its first rocket since June, delivering astronaut snacks like ice cream and lemons to the International Space Station (ISS). Cargo Dragon’s resupply launch also contained a few experiences, some of which were courtesy of the Girl Scouts in Los Angeles. The payload is expected to reach the ISS today.

On the side of SpaceX friends and lovers, NASA has two more Mars missions planned for 2024. “Known as Escape and Plasma Acceleration and Dynamics Explorers (ESCAPADE), the mission will consist of twin satellites, known as ‘Blue’ and ‘Gold’ after UC Berkeley’s colors,” declared a Universe today article notes.

The main objective of the mission will be to check the weather on Mars, “monitor its atmosphere and how the planet is affected by the solar wind”, Universe today noted.

Tesla: Autopilot Could Be Better

Things have been relatively slow for Tesla after the hectic AI day, so Musk took to Twitter to engage in a good old-fashioned autopilot discussion.

Here’s a breakdown of every detail Musk let slip:

  • Musk wants to tie the autopilot riding style with warning settings
  • Tesla could add its “Bioweapon defense mode” in the Tesla app
  • Active braking is better than torque reduction
  • Tesla “targets” an autopilot that is “1000% safer than the average human driver ‘
  • FSD beta 9.2 is “not great“, But FSD Beta 10” will be next level” (and available for download September 3)

As Musk and the rest of his Tesla team work on improving autopilot and fully autonomous driving software, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) continues his investigation in Tesla accidents involving a first responder scene. The government agency will have to add another crash to its existing list of 11 – on August 28, a Model 3 crashed into a Florida Highway Patrol vehicle, and the Highway Patrol car pulled over to help. A convenience crash, at least.

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In other news related to Musk …

T-minus Internet

A ranked list of everything Musk and online, handpicked weekly with bionic precision.

ten. Blue Origin sells a model version of its cock-shaped rocket for $ 69. It’s more like the Hitachi magic wand, IMO. Why is nobody talking about it?

9. Speaking of cocks, Douglas Copeland used the word five times in his vigorous defense of Elon Musk to The Guardian. We get it, we get it!

8. The opposite of that Guardian essay, in every way – performance art from trans artist Cassils $ HT COIN. Going under the pseudonym “White Male Artist,” Cassils modeled his diet on famous white male artists like Andy Warhol and Banksy, kept their poo in a box labeled after each artist, and sold the boxes as NFT. They recently broke anonymity to discuss the project and the white men’s legacy. What is your shit worth?

7. The Maine Mineral & Gem Museum will display a 32-pound rock taken from Mars to Earth after an asteroid shattered its surface. It’s kind of like space poop if you think about it. Read more.

6. The current pandemic has caused an oxygen shortage; Musk says it didn’t hurt the oxygen-dependent rocket launches … Again.

5. Cybertruck – meet your $ 500 wooden lookalike, the Plybertruck. Read more.

4. Tesla isn’t the only company with autonomous driving issues. Toyota has stopped operating its self-propelled platforms after an accident in the Paralympic Games Village in Tokyo. Read more.

3. Maybe a Tesla Bot could help them? Read more.

2. It depends on who supplies the brain. Neuralink co-founder and former president Max Hodak has quietly formed a rival company. Sometimes a monkey playing Pong is not enough.

1. And a piece of Musk’s story: In one of the most 2009 things of all time, Elon Musk interviewed the now inoperative YouTube channel The valley girl Spectacle, an ongoing series where the venture capitalist and former actress Jesse Draper interviews Silicon Valley heavyweights the Elle Woods way. Musk doesn’t seem prepared for the amount of rose involved, but, for example, he’s totally trying. “Mars is red,” he says.

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A version of this article appeared in the “Musk Reads” newsletter. Sign up for free here.

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