Soon you will be able to experience a spacewalk through virtual reality


Most of us will never be able to visit space, let alone experience what it is like to go on a spacewalk. Even billionaires who can afford to pay for a trip beyond our planet’s atmosphere – or at least somewhere in this neighborhood – can only watch from their spaceships. Episodes 3 and 4 of the immersive series Space Explorers: The ISS Experience, however, will give you a way to see what it’s like to float in space. To do this, Felix & Paul Studios, one of the creators of the series, customized a virtual reality camera and attached it to the Canadarm2 robot to capture 360-degree 3D scenes from outside the space station.

The Felix & Paul “Outer Space Camera” is a customized version of the commercially available Z-Cam V1 Pro. It has nine 4K sensors that can take 360-degree 3D images at 8K resolution. The camera has also been modified to withstand harsh conditions including UV rays, extreme temperatures, and impacts from micrometeoroids. The team attached it to the Canadarm2 robotic arm, which moves around the outer structure of the station.

Jonathan Woods, executive producer of the series for Time Studios (one of the entities behind the project, along with NASA), said:

“Capturing the Earth in stereoscopic 3D, in 360 degree format from space, outside the space station, has never been attempted until now. It is more than exciting and surreal to see it happen. produce, knowing that the dream of this ambitious project began more than five years ago in 2015. “

Episodes 3 and 4 will be available this fall and winter, respectively, in 360-degree mobile format on 5G-enabled devices through major carriers around the world, including LGU + in South Korea, KDDI in Japan, Orange in France and Deutsche. Telekom in Germany. They will also be available as fully immersive VR experiences on the Oculus Store for the Rift, Quest, and Quest 2 headsets.

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