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Elle Dominy has always enjoyed the night sky and space.

Now that the 11-year-old Carmel resident has attended Space Camp, she is mesmerized.

Elle Dominy, a fifth-grader at Smoky Row Elementary, takes a break at Space Camp. (Photo courtesy of the Dominy family)

The fifth-grade student from Smoky Row Elementary attended Space Cup 44 Expedition July 25-30 at US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and received his graduation certificate on July 29.

“I really enjoyed the planetarium,” Dominy said. “Getting to know the constellations and asterisms was a magical experience. “

The week-long educational program promotes science, technology, engineering and math while training students and with hands-on activities and assignments based on teamwork, leadership and resolution of problems.

“It seemed like a fun and interesting experience, especially learning about weightlessness and what it would feel like,” said Dominy.

The program is specially designed for trainees passionate about space exploration. Dominy spent the week training with a team that flew a simulated space mission to the International Space Station, the Moon, or Mars. The crew participated in experiments and succeeded in an extra-vehicular activity, or spacewalk. Dominy and her crew returned to Earth in time to graduate with honors.

Dominy was in charge of the winning team of Orbiter that won the Commander’s Cup. There were 29 teams for Space Camp with nine to 11 team members.

“The key to winning the Commander’s Cup was to stay calm during the mission,” said Dominy. “The mission was to complete several steps for the launch of the Orbiter. Each person had a role in the mission, and for a successful mission, each had to play their part on time. As commander, I was responsible for guiding the crew of the Orbiter and responsible for the landing of the Oribter.

Dominy said she would love to be an astronaut, and her interests include animal research in space.

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