Sen launches the first satellite of its UHD video constellation


Sen launches the first satellite of its UHD video constellation

Press release from: Sen
Posted: Saturday January 15th 2022

Sen announces that its first satellite, which will broadcast Ultra High Definition video of the Earth, is now in orbit.

The satellite, ETV-A1, was launched aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare mission that lifted off from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station today at 3:25 UTC, 10:25 a.m. EST.

The satellite is equipped with four video cameras designed to image the Earth with different spatial resolutions, from continents and oceans to regions and cities. Sen’s cameras are capable of streaming recorded and live Ultra High Definition (UHD) video, including 8K video from its highest resolution camera which can see up to approximately 1.5m from the ground.

ETV-A1 is the first of Sen’s planned constellation of video satellites in low Earth orbit.

Charles Black, Founder and CEO of Sen, said, “The successful launch of our first satellite represents a key milestone in our journey towards democratizing space using video. I want to thank Sen’s amazing engineering team for all their hard work and outstanding talent. I also want to thank our satellite builder, NanoAvionics, and everyone at ExoLaunch and SpaceX for launching the satellite.

About Sen:

Sen was founded in 2007 by Charles Black with a vision to democratize space by using video to inform, educate, inspire and benefit all of humanity. Sen’s mission is to broadcast real-time video from space to billions of people, bringing together news and information about Earth and space and making the data universally accessible and useful. Sen will capture its unique video content using both hosted video cameras and its own constellations of small satellites.

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