See the International Space Station from Denver Valentine’s Week


DENVER (KDVR) — The International Space Station orbits the globe 16 times a day and offers stunning views of Earth. A passage was above the Front Range and this video can be seen here.

While the ISS easily saw Colorado at 10 a.m. on February 9, it is difficult to see the ISS from the ground during the day.

To locate the ISS, it is better to see it at night. Colorado will have a few opportunities before sunrise during Valentine’s week. The exact locations where this ISS will begin and end its passage vary by a few degrees, but it will generally begin in southern skies and end in eastern skies.

These passes can take 2-5 minutes and vary in maximum height (how high it rises in the sky). For the maximum height: hold your fist at arm’s length and it’s about 10 degrees of elevation. So the 17 degree and 16 degree cols will be barely above the horizon.

You are going to to enter your location to see the next best chance to observe the ISS. Below is a list of times and areas to watch the ISS from Denver.


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