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Almost half of the world’s population does not have high-speed internet access. The sad reality is that most of this population is in Africa. According to the United Nations (UN), the Sustainable Development Goals, providing universal access to the Internet continues to gain in importance, enabling many people to access life-improving online services in the areas of health, education and other skills needed to reduce poverty, ensure economic growth and promote inclusion in the global marketplace. With so many bright minds in Africa, many believe that the right technology can help support their education and communication with the rest of the world.

Part of the reason this divide exists is the growth that many parts of Africa have experienced, which has made it difficult, if not impossible, to lay the cables for a quality internet or to connect these populations to the world at large. . In addition to the ability to perform this, the world Bank also estimated that the process could be long, requiring more than ten years and 100 billion dollars to guarantee Africa access to high-speed internet. The team behind 3Air believe they have a solution that can make this a reality in 50% less time and at a fraction of the cost.

3air, a blockchain platform with its own Cardano-based token (ADA), aims to address this digital divide in Africa by partnering with K3 Telecom, a Swiss broadband provider specializing in infrastructure, to address this issue with a new technology capable of transmitting high speed optical quality. Internet, digital TV and live IP telephony. This technology would have the capacity to connect millions of people and board a 3air blockchain platform that specifically meets the needs of developing countries and telecommunications.

3air CEO Sandi Bitenc shares,

“There is nothing even remotely that compares to what 3air has to offer. We have a working solution that will connect the unconnected in Africa and bring millions of users to the 3air platform. This will allow a nation hungry for change to leap over a whole generation. of technology. “

As it stands, 3Air is positioned to provide easy access to digital services, bankless payments, sustainable bandwidth sharing, hardware ownership and digital identity management. The company’s goal is to bring people with limited internet access online first and then integrate them into the 3air platform which uses the 3air token.

The platform will offer users digital identifiers based on Cardano’s Atala PRISM solution to verify a user’s identity while maintaining data privacy and security. Once identified, users will be able to open online bank accounts, apply for microloans, conduct business, and participate in online work, education, telehealth and more. For the local population in unconnected regions, this represents a huge step forward in boosting local economies.

Where bandwidth meets sustainability

One of the main concerns with checking this box in the United Nations sustainability goals is that current models of bandwidth sharing are not sustainable. Traditionally, bandwidth sharing has occurred in the ISP’s business model. In this model, a certain amount of bandwidth is bought and sold multiple times to the end user. However, to keep costs down, the model relies on buyers not using all of their bandwidth and leftovers being used in a shared model. Even with policies in place, the costs are still considered too high and there are security and privacy concerns as well.

Recognizing this, 3Air took into consideration how this model could be made sustainable, which prompts key players including the ISP, access point operator, token holder and user. A strong community incentive is further maintained by using the 3Air token, which enables voting rights and governance over project funding and upcoming token burns.

More information on 3air here

Other use cases for the 3air token include token blocks. In this example, users who own their hardware will be encouraged to connect to the Internet and take advantage of company-provided staking. The company can then stake tokens on behalf of the user, keep them locked for at least a year, and reward holders through weekly LP token payments as compensation.

Broaden its reach

The team continued to build several strong partnerships, attracting over 2,000 users to the 3air platform and opening the door for millions more in Africa looking for a solution. After two successful private presale tours of the project, 3Air begins its public presale which will allow the platform to expand its reach in Nigeria. The solution is already a proven and functional solution for Africa, which can be fully implemented and operational in Sierra Leone.

Together, the strong track record and mix of the team in telecommunications, blockchain and IT will provide a foundation capable of solving connectivity challenges in Africa.

Sponsorships and growth initiatives

3air has established a strong customer base on its social media and messaging channels, rallying to democratized high-speed internet access and the use of blockchain-based platforms on the African continent. The team hosts giveaways, runs weekly AMAs, and posts regular updates on their presale progress to boost engagement. The community is confident that the company will meet its ambitious growth goals.

3air’s sponsorship of the VIP suite at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​a notable initiative to help increase the company’s reach and potential partnerships in the blockchain industry. The Royal Paddock Suite is hosted by industry leaders Woonkly Labs, blockchain business creator and Oros MFO. It brings together high-level officials, influencers, business leaders and investors from various industries including decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFT) and other crypto and blockchain protocols, as well as exchanges, funds, VCs and influencers.

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