Ovzon to supply US DoD customer with satellite broadband terminals


The Ovzon T6 broadband terminal. Photo: Ovzon

Ovzon, a satellite equipment company based in Sweden, has received an order for satellite terminals from a public limited company US Department of Defense client (DoD). The order, announced on Monday, marks the second new U.S. DoD customer for Ovzon in the past 90 days as the company looks to continue expanding its core customer base. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The order includes both the Ovzon T6 terminal for on-break communications, as well as the Ovzon Medium OTM terminal, a self-piloted antenna for on-the-go communications from land, sea and air platforms.

The Ovzon T6 terminal is the latest addition to Ovzon’s mobility product offerings. It is the size of a laptop and weighs 13 pounds. The company said it could be up and running by an untrained user in less than a minute. The Ovzon T6 can send up to a minimum of 70 Mbps and receive 120 Mbps.

“We continue our strong commitment to deliver unmatched, industry-leading performance and mobility to government and business organizations with critical global communications needs,” said Per Norén, CEO of Ovzon, in a statement.

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