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Today we are connected. In December 2021, the Communications Authority of Kenya reported 65,085,720 mobile SIM subscriptions across Kenya.

This has a positive impact on all Kenyans as it makes our daily lives much easier. Not just for communication, for business, for healthcare, for insurance, mobile banking and more.

This is made possible by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), part of whose mandate is to ensure that Kenyans, even in the most remote parts of Kenya, can enjoy access to quality communication at reasonable prices.

This is partly due to the Universal Service Fund, an Authority initiative which ensures that essential communications infrastructure is available in remote areas to empower Kenyans to go online.

At this important time for Kenya, the mandate of the Communications Authority (CA) is more important than ever, as its mandate to connect remote parts of Kenya will be needed when voter and polling stations are set up. in rural areas of the country.

The reach of the Authority does not only extend to rural areas. In urban and rural centers, CA goes beyond maintaining this standard by educating Kenyans about their rights and their consumers and facilitating ways to report unfair practices and poor quality services.

As an industry regulator, all telecommunications and Internet operators are accountable to them if reports of unethical or exploitative business practices come to light.

The Communications Authority (CA) informs consumers about their rights through several channels, one of which is the grassroots initiative Kikao Kikuu, which travels the country to bring all this important knowledge directly to consumers.

This is an important aspect of the mandate as in December 2021, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) reported 46,355,022 data and internet subscriptions. As election season approaches, it is critically important that all this connection potential is used responsibly and that every Kenyan is well informed of their rights.

Did you know that scammers can send messages to your phone that appear to be from your telecom provider? This is one of the latest tactics employed by scammers trying to deceive law-abiding Kenyans.

Earlier in 2022, the Communications Authority, in its capacity as the regulator of the telecommunications sector in Kenya, required all telecommunications providers to re-register SIM cards on their networks.

The Authority has taken this step to better protect citizens from gray SIM cards and fraudsters who have taken advantage of it to trick Kenyans into disclosing private information and in some cases sending funds to fraudsters unknowingly.

The whole initiative has been extended until October this year, so if you haven’t registered your SIM card, visit the branch closest to your telecommunications provider’s offices and register. This is all part of the efforts of the Communications Authority (CA) to protect your right to receive quality communications services.

In addition to this, the Communications Authority (CA) also functions as an information pool to assist other government agencies and bodies in their mandates.

An example of this is working to help the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) identify criminal suspects when crimes are committed.

This is just one of the ways the Communications Authority (CA) fulfills its commitment to ensuring Kenyan consumers can communicate safely.

To find out more about the mandate of the Communications Authority (CA) and how it works to uphold your right to free and fair communication, visit www.ca.go.ke.


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