NASA Wallops launches rocket to Space Station on Tuesday


WALLOPS ISLAND, Va. (AP) – The latest delivery from Northrop Grumman’s space station includes pizza for seven.

The company’s cargo ship Cygnus took off from the east coast of Virginia on Tuesday. It is expected to reach the International Space Station on Thursday.

The 8,200-pound (3,700-kilogram) shipment includes fresh apples, tomatoes and kiwis, as well as a pizza kit and assorted cheeses for the station’s seven astronauts.

Also fly: a mounting bracket for the new solar wings launched in the orbiting lab next year, a material simulating the dust and dirt of the moon that will be used to create objects from the 3D printer of the space station, a viscous mold for a French educational experiment called Blob, and an infrared sensing device designed as a prototype for future tracking satellites.

This is Northrop Grumman’s 16th supply run for NASA and his biggest load to date. The company’s Antares rocket hoisted the capsule from NASA’s Wallops flight facility.

“Aloha at SS Ellison Onizuka,” Northrop Grumman said via Launch Control a few minutes before takeoff. The capsule was named after Onizuka of Hawaii, the first Asian American to die in the Challenger launch disaster in 1986.

NASA’s other shipper, SpaceX, will follow with a shipment in a few weeks.

The space station currently houses three Americans, two Russians, a French and a Japanese.

“This vital mission honors the legacy of Ellison Onizuka, whose involvement in the space program has inspired many young pilots and whose work has been integral to the advancement of human spaceflight,” said Governor Ralph Northam. “Today, its work continues with this launch transporting critical equipment and experiences to the International Space Station. The Commonwealth is committed to growing the aerospace industry as we work to shape the future of space exploration. The development of space exploration efforts in Virginia has been at the center of our administration from the beginning, and I am delighted to see the continued success of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport.

“Today, we launched Antares rocket transport technology that could allow us to build on the moon, experiences essential to maintaining the health and safety of aircrew during spaceflight, and a disposal system carbon dioxide that could have significant benefits here on Earth, ”Transportation Secretary Shannon Valentine said. “With every launch to the International Space Station, we support this unique international laboratory, support scientific exploration, and encourage young people to pursue STEM careers.”

“NG-16 is further testimony to the fact that Virginia Space has a viable, operational and competitive spaceport,” said Virginia Space CEO and General Manager Major General Ted Mercer. “Through our close partnership with NASA and Northrop Grumman, we directly support the advancement of our nation’s space program. We are honored to participate in these critical resupply missions and look forward to continuing to support our nation’s space customers. “


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