Narrogin evacuation centers receive vital upgrades to keep residents connected in an emergency


Narrogin Evacuation Centers will be equipped with an improved satellite communications system to allow residents to make calls and connect to Wi-Fi in the event of an emergency.

Narrogin County received funding under the federal government’s Natural Disaster Telecommunications Strengthening Project, which was deployed in response to the black summer bushfires of 2019/20.

Shire’s local emergency management plan lists the administration building as an emergency coordination center and the Narrogin Recreation and Recreation Center as an approved regional evacuation site.

The Shire administration building was recently fitted with an upgraded NBN satellite communications system.

Work to upgrade the Narrogin Recreation and Leisure Center system is expected to start in the coming weeks.

The improvements will allow residents to make phone calls and access the Internet near the centers if the existing communication network is damaged.

“It is important to open the lines of communication between family and friends in an emergency,” said Shire President Leigh Ballard.

“It’s painful for everyone involved not to know if a loved one is safe because of lost phone lines and the Internet. “


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