KH Broadband Digest: February 15, 2022



New Hampshire op-ed: “Threatened by a more competitive broadband market, ISPs are bogging down the federal subsidy process with paperwork. At the state level, they are opposing legislation that would allow municipalities to issue bonds for broadband improvements….We urge federal reform that will level the playing field and ease the burden of proving internet speed for grant seekers like us. to build fiber over existing DSL without any problems, as DSL does not provide adequate broadband in rural areas today.” :: Eagle Times

Maine: “In November, a majority of voters in China (not the country, but a small town in Maine) voted against a $6.4 million proposal for a municipal broadband network that, had it been built, would have provided broadband Internet access for all homes and businesses in this central Maine town of 4,300. In recent weeks, Chinese residents have learned that Consolidated Communications will not come to the rescue” :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Dickson (TN) Electric System Deploys FTTH to 37,000 Sites in Seven Counties :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

Johnson City, TN Public Power System BrightRidge Fiber Broadband Network Update; “[S]State law prevents BrightRidge from expanding its network beyond the territory where it provides electric service, even if it is economically viable to do so and residents of surrounding areas want it. So far, attempts to change these laws have failed.” :: Institute for Local Self-Reliance

New Mexico House passes HB 55, the Public-Private Partnership (P3) Act, “which would allow public and private institutions to partner to improve broadband and transportation infrastructure”; bill requires public notice, cost-benefit analysis, public hearing and other requirements before P3 agreements can be executed :: Los Alamos Reporter :: Link to HB 55

Learn more about New York State’s $1 billion ConnectALL Broadband Initiative :: StateTech

Colorado: Cities of Burgdorf, Johnstown, Mead and Milliken Approve Network Development Memorandum of Understanding with Allo Communications; “[The] the cost of developing a broadband network that connects every property in the four cities would be approximately $60 million, all of which would be paid by Allo instead of community taxpayers” :: Loveland Reporter-Herald

Van Buren County, Michigan directs half of $14 million ARPA funds to broadband expansion project :: South Haven Tribune

NTIA Receives Over 550 Comments on Broadband Infrastructure Act Programs :: NTIA :: Link to comments

“‘Broadband Pricing Changes: 2016 to 2022’ found plans in the 25 Mbps to 99 Mbps range dropped $8.80 (14%); plans in the 100 Mbps range to 199 Mbps dropped $32.35 (33%); plans in the 200 Mbps to 499 Mbps range dropped $34.39 (35%) and 500 Mbps+ plans dropped $59.52 (42%)”::Telecompetitor::BroadbandNOW

“Nokia touts open-access fiber as a boon for MDU deployments” :: FierceTelecom

Consumer hardware not ready for 10Gbps broadband service :: PCWeek

“How States Can Use Line Extension Programs to Expand Broadband Internet Access” — “The memo examines how three states have implemented programs to address last-mile expansion, including the rules and procedures they employ to allocate funds to households, landlords, or Internet service providers.” :: Pew “Bridging the Homework Gap in Chattanooga” :: POTs and PANs

“Does your cable provider participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program?” :: Benton Institute for Broadband and Society

“Bridging the Digital Divide: Policy Proposals to Increase Broadband Access for All” :: NewDEAL Forum :: StateScoop

“Access Granted: Barriers, Options and Solutions to Rural Broadband” :: Center for Rural Affairs

“Fiber could force cable to rethink its pricing model” :: FierceTelecom

“Cable broadband has a target on its back, and Verizon and T-Mobile are aiming” :: Telecompetitor

“Fiber will (mostly) dominate broadband in 2022” :: Broadband Communities


“FCC attempts to explain removal and replacement shortfall: Big carriers could be squeezed out” :: Telecompetitor


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