It’s finally time to talk about the gameplay of Dead Space


The the trailer continues showing the many ways Isaac can fight off enemies, with an extended scene of Clarke in low-gravity environments, showing some of the control players will have in those situations – including using a power to throw an explosive barrel on an enemy. A quick cut shows Clarke using a variety of weapons, including a machine gun, flamethrower and what appears to be the Graviton Accelerator, although it appears to be smaller than in the original game. This section also shows crawling enemies, large enemies, and even a huge tank chasing Clarke around the space station.

This is followed by a extended sequence of a massive, crude tentacle dragging Clarke through the space station. As one fan pointed out on Redditthis footage from the trailer is a remake of a scene from the original game, giving fans a dose of nostalgia they could hope for. another fan pointed out that it looks like Clarke is going to speak this time around. Clarke was a silent protagonist in the original “Dead Space”, but received lines of dialogue in both sequels. The trailer ends showing a glowing alien artifact and a woman who was on the ship named Nicole communicating with Clarke. Overall, the trailer seems to show a game worthy of being a remake of one of the greatest horror games ever made. While players won’t get all the gameplay details for “Dead Space,” the new trailer has given fans hope that it will stay true to the original.


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