Infostellar raises 700 million yen (US $ 6.16 million) in first round of Series B funding


Infostellar raises 700 million yen (US $ 6.16 million) in first round of Series B funding

Press release from: Infostellar
Posted: Wednesday October 20 2021

Infostellar, a Japanese Land Segment-as-a-Service (GSaaS) provider, completed the first round of its Series B fundraising total of 700 million yen (US $ 6.16 million) via an award shares by a third party with Space Frontier Fund (SPRX Innovation for Future Co., Ltd.), Mitsubishi Corporation, ITOCHU Corporation, Next New Business and Technologies I Limited Partnership (tb innovations Ltd.) and Mizuho Growth Fund No.4 Limited Partnership (Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd..). With this funding, we [Infostellar] accelerate the global expansion of our business by forming capital links with trading companies that have global trade networks.

As a result, the total amount of funds raised to date is 1.94 billion yen (US $ 17.09 million). Infostellar is continuing discussions with existing and new investors, and the final round will close later in 2021.

Daiwa Energy & Infrastructure Co. Ltd., Mitsubishi UFJ Capital VII, Limited Partnership (Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd.) and Mitsubishi HC Capital Inc. are the underwriters of the vesting corporate bonds issued in March 2020. However, Along with this round table, they have become a new shareholder of the company.

Since the fundraising in March 2020, Infostellar has been working on improving the functions of the GSaaS StellarStation platform for commercial purposes for satellite communications. In January 2021, Infostellar successfully completed demonstration experiments with satellites in orbit, and as of March 2021, Infostellar provides downlink services for commercial satellites to European government agencies. In June 2021, Infostellar announced a partnership with AWS Ground Station through which AWS ground stations will be made available to satellite operators through the StellarStation platform.

Based on the funds raised at this stage, Infostellar will be able to increase the number of ground stations that can be delivered through the StellarStation platform, enter the US market and increase the number of customers. Infostellar plans to expand its team to strengthen its operational systems and seize new market opportunities.

Investor comments

Shinichiro Kengaku, President, CEO of SPARX Innovation for Future Co., Ltd.

“I think the 2020s will be the decade in which the use of satellite data will help solve various social problems around the world. With that goal in mind, I expect Infostellar to provide unprecedented flexibility and scalability to meet the challenges many satellite operators face in securing satellite communications with ground stations. I hope Infostellar will explore the very frontiers of Japan’s new space industry.

Mitsumasa Icho, Executive Vice President, Group CEO, Urban Development Group, Mitsubishi Corporation

“With the advancement of the use of data and associated services in space and on the ground using small satellites in low orbit, the highly flexible and expandable ground station network provided by Infostellar is essential for building digital infrastructure. that connect outer space and the ground. We will work on projects in Japan and abroad, such as data center projects and large-scale urban development projects in ASEAN by installing green energy sources, increasing energy efficiency by using AI and improving urban connectivity by connecting to networks of ground stations.

Tatsushi Shingu, President, ICT & Financial Business Company, ITOCHU Corporation

“We anticipate that the demand for ground stations will increase dramatically as the market for LEO satellites grows and Infostellar plays a key role in the space industry. Infostellar, with unique technological capabilities and a business model, has a simple and transparent platform that connects ground stations and satellites around the world. ITOCHU will support the expansion of GSaaS activities with Infostellar using our long-standing knowledge and global network in the space sector.

Hyunmin Go, president of tb innovations Ltd.

“Infostellar aims to provide significant value to customers around the world by developing the ground station platform service with a unique and competitive business model in the rapidly growing satellite industry to make space more valuable for the human company. tb Innovations under Tokyo Boeki Group having a strong belief in the vision provided by Infostellar would like to contribute to the further development of the space industry and establish stronger business relationships and close collaboration with infostellar through this investment. “

Yusuke Omachi, President of Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd.

“The cloud-based StellarStation ground station platform developed by Infostellar, Inc. is a landmark solution that dramatically reduces the complexity of communication access between artificial satellites and ground stations and resolves the issues encountered. by artificial satellite operators.

We [Mizuho Capital] made an investment at this time because we are convinced that StellarStation will be a service that will strongly support the future development of the space business. Mizuho Capital will contribute to the further development of the space business with Infostellar Inc., including Chairman Kurahara and other members of the company.

About Infostellar

Infostellar is a ‘Ground Segment as a Service’ (GSaaS) satellite provider. Infostellar provides flexible and scalable ground station services through our cloud platform, “StellarStation”, which virtualizes ground station networks. Infostellar also provides support for ground segment operations necessary for satellite operations, such as the acquisition of radio licenses and frequency coordination operations. By lowering the barriers to entry into the ground segment, Infostellar enables new space companies to build better missions and improve the quality of their service. Founded in 2016, Infostellar is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and its European office in the UK. For more information visit

About StellarStation

StellarStation is a flexible and scalable satellite ground station sharing platform. After a one-time setup, satellite operators can access any ground station on our global network. StellarStation also allows ground station owners to monetize their unused capacity by sharing it with satellite operators.

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