High-speed internet is coming to the Enderby countryside


People and businesses in rural and remote communities around Enderby now have access to high-speed internet service.

“Thousands of households in the North Okanagan will now be able to access faster broadband internet speeds thanks to infrastructure upgrades,” said Lisa Beare, Minister of Citizen Services. “Investing in upgrading connectivity infrastructure for rural and remote communities ensures people and businesses have the tools they need to stay connected, work, learn and compete in the local and global economy.

New “last mile” fixed wireless infrastructure for broadband connectivity has been installed in Armstrong, Enderby, Hullcar, Grindrod and the rural areas surrounding Enderby and Armstrong.

Installing an improved last mile infrastructure will allow the service provider to offer access to broadband Internet speeds of at least 50 megabits per second (Mbps) for downloads and 10 Mbps for uploads at higher speeds. of 2,300 households.

“Connectivity has the ability to uplift us all by helping people connect and collaborate with each other, create and grow local economies, or serve as a conduit to essential services like virtual medical visits or l e-learning,” said Roly Russell, Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Areas. Development. “We will continue to work with small rural communities until everyone in the province is connected. »

The Province has invested up to $65,000 through the Connecting British Columbia program, administered by the Northern Development Initiative Trust. The investment contributed to the total cost of the infrastructure upgrade which is expected to be approximately $146,000. The provincial investment was matched with federal funding of up to $65,000. The remaining cost, up to a maximum of $14,600, was funded by Internet service provider ispeed Communications of Kelowna.

“We are thrilled to have received assistance from the federal and British Columbia governments to deliver 50/10 Mbps speeds with no data caps,” said Dave Bradich, President of ispeed Communications. “It allows customers to do their education, work remotely and even access health care. The benefits of high-speed Internet for rural communities are incalculable. »

The province’s investment in these service improvement projects is part of the StrongerBC initiative as part of BC’s economic recovery plan to protect people’s health and livelihoods while supporting businesses. and communities.

Learn more:

Connectivity in British Columbia: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/governments/connectivity-in-bc

Northern Development Initiative Trust: https://www.northerndevelopment.bc.ca/funding-programs/partner-programs/connecting-british-columbia/

StrongerBC: British Columbia Economic Plan: https://strongerbc.ca/plan


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