Here you can see the best shots of Earth from the International Space Station


The International Space Station delights us with unique and high-quality images of the Earth. Here is a profile to take advantage of it.

The International Space Station (ISS) is undoubtedly a very relevant data collection center for the main space agencies of the world. For years, it has become a structure capable of carrying out important missions on climate change and other investigative proposals of the Universe. Over time, in the same way, it has been possible to achieve taking images of all kinds and from all regions of the Planet.

Due to its high installation and maintenance cost, we are faced with a set of rooms that require control, mainly by NASA and the European Space Agency. Countries like China create their own spatial structures, which can provoke great competition in the medium and long term, also, in the field of space research. Anyway, are we facing a key moment at the gates of the possible arrival on the Moon, for the second time, or on Mars?

There is a portal where you can see images with great quality of detail about the globe in which we live. The International Space Station, thanks to its altitude, allows you to see the sphere perfectly, along with an analysis of the situation of forests, seas and mountains. It attracts particular attention, in the nocturnal spaces, where the main social spaces of the world are concentrated.

So you can enjoy the Earth with incredible images from the ISS

Thanks to the International Space Station, it is possible to enjoy a set of incredible images on Earth. We are, without a doubt, in front of a space on the Internet that takes care of collecting all the clichés. Moreover, they are available in all size qualities, with an option to increase the zoom. Do you like to see what you can find by accessing this curious profile of the Flikr social network? Here is one of as many photographs as you can appreciate on our Planet.

The International Space Station is a constant focus for Earth imagery. Image: Flickr

As we can see, we are faced with excellent quality photographic material that stands out above all for its great level of detail. In these snapshots you can see information that is then used to check water levels or, simply, to know how people work. Activities such as those related to the timber industry in Brazil allow us to see, for example, how the uncontrolled felling of trees can affect the future of the Earth.

One of the most striking curiosities of this platform is that you can see, for example, the contrast between the different companies present in the world. A clear the example is shown by South Korea and North Korea, whose policies clearly differ from each other. The communist part has a very low technological level, which is clearly seen at night. On the contrary, an advanced society in its southern neighbor makes it possible to take advantage of a much more enlightened space.


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