Georgia lawmaker seeks to expand high-speed internet access


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GEORGIA (WRBL) – Georgia state lawmakers say the pandemic has made rural broadband expansion a key priority under the Gold Dome.

Earlier this month, Governor Brian Kemp said homes and businesses in 70 Georgia counties will receive a combined $400 million for better internet access, with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act. .

The Broadband Infrastructure Committee received applications last year to determine who would qualify for the grant, with priority given to unserved or underserved communities.

“The reason why it’s not fair that city kids or some city kids have access to the internet and if you live in rural areas they don’t have access to it sometimes and that would make it a playground equal,” the state senator said. Dr Ben Watson.

The funds will help build towers and add cable lines, as well as expand locations that don’t have internet. State lawmakers say the rural internet will help those who need access to telehealth services and children better cope with virtual learning.


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