Gaganyaan to be launched in 2023, India’s first space station by 2030: Jitendra Singh | India News

NEW DELHI: Union Space Minister Jitendra Singh has announced that Gaganyaan’s last crewed mission will be launched in 2023.
He also said the Venus mission is expected to launch in 2023, the L-1 Aditya and Chandrayaan-3 solar missions are expected to launch in 2022-2023, and the country’s first space station is expected to appear by 2030.
He said that the main missions of Gaganyaan, such as the flight of the test vehicle for the validation of the performance of the crew evacuation system and the first unmanned mission of Gaganyaan (G1), are scheduled for the start of the second half of 2022. This will be followed by the second unmanned mission at the end of 2022 carrying ‘Vyomitra’, a human space robot developed by Isro, and finally the first crewed Gaganyaan mission in 2023, “which would undoubtedly place the ‘India in the elite club of nations (America, China and the Soviet Union now Russia) “.
Singh said that more than 500 industries are involved in the launch of Gaganyaan. He said the program had been “slightly delayed” due to Covid restrictions, but preparations are in full swing to complete the mission by 2023. Giving the status of the program to the RS, the minister said the Astronaut training center was established in Bengaluru and is at an advanced stage of completion. Basic aeromedical and practical flight training completed as part of the Indian part of the training. The design of all systems has been completed and the construction of various systems is at various stages of advancement. The ground qualification tests of the propulsion stages of the launchers with human capacity were successfully carried out.
Setting a timetable for India’s first space station, he informed RS that “by 2030 we might be able to set up a space station, which would be one of a kind. As I said, India’s ascension journey to the top has already begun through space. ”

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