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Interest is charged every time you do not pay any expenses on time or take money from an institution – and even from a friend who needs more money. But in each case, they can be determined in a different way, since there are two types: simple interest and compound interest. For you to track how much of the money you have taken (or what you have failed to pay) will weigh in your pocket, knowing how to calculate interest is a good strategy! And I’m here to make it very easy to understand!

Come see how to calculate simple and compound interest and know some calculators that do it for you:

Simple interest

Simple interest

Calculating simple interest is, say … simple! That’s what you get when you borrow money every month, over the amount you’ve received.

Just imagine: You borrowed your friend $ 2000 and he will charge simple interest of 8% per month. To know how much interest you will pay in each monthly installment, just calculate:

2000 x 0.08 = 160

** 0.08 = 8%, okay?

Now, you already know that in each month, in addition to returning a portion of those $ 2000, you will also have to pay $ 160 of interest.

Want to know how much interest you will pay in total, until zeroing out all debt? You can calculate that too! Just take this monthly interest amount ($ 160, in that case) and multiply by the number of months you will take to return all the money you have taken.

Assuming you chose to pay in 5 times, look how it looks:

160 x 5 = 800

Then, you will pay $ 800 interest only to repay your entire loan.

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Compound interest

Calculating compound interest is no longer as simple as that. The account is more chatinha! Only they are charged on most of the banks’ services, so it pays to understand how they work.

In compound interest, the rate is always calculated over the initial value (the one you borrowed) plus the amount of interest charged in the previous month. As in the first month you still have not spent anything with interest, then the rate is applied only upon the initial value.

To get clearer, take the same example from above and think thus:

First month:

2 000 x 0.08 = 160 → $ 160 is the amount of interest you will pay in the first month

Second month:

2 000 + 160 (interest of the first month) = 2 160 → it is in this amount (R $ 2 160) that you will apply the interest rate to pay the second month. So it looks like this:

2 160 x 0.08 = 172.80 → R $ 172.80 is the amount of interest you will pay in the second month

Third month:

2 000 + 172.80 (interest of the second month) = 2 172.80 → it is in this amount that you will apply the interest rate to pay the third month. That’s how it goes:

2 172.80 x 0.08 = 173.82 → R $ 173.82 is the amount of interest you will pay in the third month

And so on! Always adding up the initial value with the interest of the previous month.

For those who are accurate and like a formula, to calculate how much you will pay at the end of the term, adding up the initial value with compound interest, just use this here:

The account no one tells you!


Special check is not balance in the account! Banks usually put it in “total balance”, along with the amount you actually have. But the truth is that it’s kind of a loan (pretty bad, by the way!) And it’s extremely high compound interest! Just so you have an idea, it gets to charge more than 300% interest per year, while a personal loan can charge a third of that.
Concluding: of special even he has nothing! You can run away!

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Limits on first online loans

Limits on first online loans

The first loan limit is used by companies in the non-banking loan sector for several reasons. First of all, it’s about security issues. The limitation of the liability amount to several hundred, a maximum of PLN 1,600 is applied in order not to lead to excessive customer debt. Small amounts are associated with a lower risk of default and non-payment. In addition, you avoid taking the amount of money that you will not fully use, and thus – you will not have to bear unnecessary costs. It is also protection against financial problems. In this way, the lender can also know how reliable you are and how you deal with paying your liabilities. Non-bank companies do not have access to the resources of the Credit Information Bureau, although they can direct the inquiry via BIG InfoMonitor, if the client agrees. Setting a spread for the first loan amount online and limiting the number of obligations to one in a given period also serves to reduce to a minimum the risk that you will start applying for money to pay off other debts.

Good Cash without limits

Good Cash without limits

Good Cash has more confidence in customers. The company does not divide clients into new and permanent ones, thanks to which everyone applying for an online loan has the chance to apply for the maximum amount available, i.e. PLN 1,800. You can borrow PLN 100 the least. The final amount of the commitment that will be granted depends on your creditworthiness, that is, whether your income allows you to get the amount and pay it according to the contract. The repayment period at Good Cash is from 7 to 30 days.

Porfel – up to PLN 1,400 for free

Porfel - up to PLN 1,400 for free

Online loan thresholds also do not apply Porfel. In this case, you can choose from between PLN 100-3500, on which you have 5 to 45 days to return. However, only with your first loan can you count on not paying extra money for it. The condition of a free commitment is applying for no more than PLN 1,400. An online loan at Porfel is available to people who are at least 23 years old. In case of problems with timely repayment, the loan can be extended by 10, 20, 30 or 45 days.

Quick Cash – up to PLN 3,000 with your first loan

Quick Cash - up to PLN 3,000 with your first loan

Fast Cash is another company that offers unlimited online loans to new customers. If you need extra money, you can get PLN 100 less and PLN 3000 most. You have 1 to 30 days to refund your interest plus interest. The offer can be used by anyone over 18 years of age who has a personal bank account and an active mobile phone, and is not in arrears with other loans or credits.

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The month of December is conducive to exceptional expenses. Christmas is coming fast, which means that a budget gifts is essential. In addition, household expenses increase because it is necessary to provide for holiday meals. For households that already have heavy debt, this can be problematic. If it is possible to apply for a new cash envelope from a financial institution, this is probably not the optimal solution. In fact, a new personal credit would only increase the household’s expenses in the long term. Better still, the procedure for buying back credits makes it possible to compensate for a lack of immediate cash flow by improving the household’s overall indebtedness.

December, a month that is expensive for French

December, a month that is expensive for French

According to a Reuters study of November 22, 2016, the French plan to spend 329 euros on average for Christmas. This budget is lower than in 2015 since last year French households spent about 341 euros for the preparation of gifts to children and relatives. Added to this budget gifts, expenses related to family meals and parties with friends.

The end of the year is a time of culinary pleasure that can be expensive. If for many households, these exceptional expenses are planned in advance, this is not possible for everyone. Families who have accumulated consumer credit, see a large part of their income absorb by the maturity of loans. In this case, it is difficult to save to build an envelope dedicated to end-of-year expenses.

The redemption of credits: the answer to debt problems

The redemption of credits: the answer to debt problems

When the financial burden of the household is difficult to meet, the redemption of credits is an efficient means of remedying them. The purpose of this procedure is to reduce the monthly amount of repayments of consumer loans. Especially since by including all the debts in a single loan, borrowers see it much more clearly.

The purchase of consumer credit is a new deal for the borrower. By starting again on a balanced budget, the debtor home ensures a new breath on the long term and a new capacity of savings or indebtedness.

The role of treasury in the purchase of consumer credit

The role of treasury in the purchase of consumer credit

The first motivation for embarking on a credit buyback procedure remains the need for cash. If the main objective of the restructuring of loans is fiscal consolidation, the establishment of a treasury is strongly advised. This envelope is a spare wheel in case of imminent need of cash.

This option saves borrowers from applying for another consumer loan. The amount required for this cash flow should be quantified with the broker. This depends on the borrower’s plans and the expected date of completion.

Thanks to the purchase of loans, a sound management of bank accounts /thanks-to-the-purchase-of-loans-a-sound-management-of-bank-accounts/ Sat, 01 Jun 2019 03:34:51 +0000 /thanks-to-the-purchase-of-loans-a-sound-management-of-bank-accounts/ Read More]]>

Despite a slight revaluation of bank interest rates in recent weeks, rates remain historically low. We seem to have reached a low level. This is the time to revise its initial Real Estate Gestational Conditions. Still need to have a margin of negotiation with his banker.

For this, a balanced budget is essential, it is the purpose of the redemption of credits, a procedure not to be missed to take advantage of this historic decline in interest rates.

Real Estate Loan Renegotiation: The End of Interest Rates Floors?

Real Estate Loan Renegotiation: The End of Interest Rates Floors?

Given weak European economic growth, it is likely that this situation persists for the coming months. If many French have already asked their bank for the renegotiation of their mortgage, there are laggards. In many cases, those who have not applied for a loan review have a high debt ratio and difficulties in meeting their repayments.

The purchase of consumer credit is the ideal answer. Thanks to the restructuring of consumption credits in progress, borrowers find a good debt, and can finally renegotiate their mortgage terms with their banker.

Clean up your budget to avoid unpaid bills

Clean up your budget to avoid unpaid bills

When the financial burdens of a household (consumer loans, and monthly mortgage payments for homeowners) exceed 40% of household income, budget management becomes very complex. In addition to monthly repayments, the household must pay the rent (for tenants) and tax levies (income tax, housing tax and land tax for homeowners).

In the end, this lack of attitude can generate late payments and fees and agios that come from peers. Eventually, this situation may give rise to problems of over-indebtedness and therefore to banking restrictions. It is also an obstacle to a possible renegotiation of real estate loans in progress.

Consolidation of loans is a sustainable solution to reduce the financial pressure on the budget.

Correct debt to negotiate with his banker

Correct debt to negotiate with his banker

It is downstream from a purchase of credits that the requests made by the borrower to his bank are seriously taken into account. In fact, if the debtors have a balanced financial situation again, the bank will have every interest in making a competitive renegotiation proposal to avoid losing its client.

Indeed, home loans can be bought at any time by other external banking institutions. Prepayment penalties are applied by the original lending institution.

Nevertheless, in general this operation does not imply any immediate financial investment on the part of the borrower. Thus, these costs are included in the repurchase of the mortgage.

7 Common Meshes of Dubious Credit Intermediaries /7-common-meshes-of-dubious-credit-intermediaries/ Mon, 22 Apr 2019 13:17:47 +0000 /7-common-meshes-of-dubious-credit-intermediaries/ Read More]]>





“Even in difficult cases, we help you quickly, discreetly and unbureaucratically” – This is how similar dubious credit intermediaries advertise to customers. And those who find themselves in a financial shortage and are looking for a source of money often reach for every straw.

Dubious credit brokerage

Especially since he urgently needs the cash injection, but does not get credit from his bank and can not or does not ask anyone for help in the circle of acquaintances. If the consumer believes in the full-bodied promise, a credit is within reach. A call or a few mouse clicks are enough – and the money is soon on the account.

The reality is rather different. Black sheep take advantage of the plight of those affected. However, they rarely provide loans. On the other hand, on closer inspection it is not that difficult to expose windy offers.


We have compiled seven common meshes of dubious credit intermediaries:



  • 1 stitch # 1: Quick help even in the most difficult cases
    • 1.1 Mesh # 2: Trustworthy Names and Reputable Websites
    • 1.2 Mesh No. 3: Documents by cash on delivery
    • 1.3 Mesh No. 4: Prepayments for expenses
    • 1.4 stitch # 5: prepaid credit cards
    • 1.5 Mesh No. 6: Home visits by the credit intermediary
    • 1.6 # 7: Financial rehabilitation instead of credit
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Mesh No. 1: Quick help even in the most difficult cases

If a credit intermediary works with quick and unbureaucratic emergency aid, the consumer should raise the alarm. Because a credit intermediary forgives itself no loans.

He merely composes a loan request and forwards it to financial institutions. On the other hand, whether a loan is granted or not is decided solely by the banks. The credit intermediary has no influence on that. However, a credit broker does not work for a thank you. If it comes to a loan, it becomes more expensive through the activity of the credit intermediary.

Great skepticism is also called when collateral supposedly play no role, a Schufa entry is meaningless and it is not an obstacle if the consumer has very little or no income. Behind such promises is usually only hot air.

Because practice shows that loans are never given without a sufficient credit rating. Of course, there are serious loans in which, for example, the Schufa is not tested. But they require a corresponding income. No lender lends his money to good luck. If loans are advertised even in hopeless cases, behind this scam is usually the intention to exploit the plight of those affected for their own purposes.


Mesh # 2: Trustworthy Names and Reputable Websites

Mesh # 2: Trustworthy Names and Reputable Websites

Of course, black sheep want to win the trust of potential customers. That’s why they like to choose reputable names and make their websites very professional. Often, they also indicate that they belong to certain associations.

It is also popular to advertise with a license according to Article 34c of the Industrial Code. This approval, which the law by the way calls permission, is ultimately only a matter of formality. And it merely states that the credit intermediary has registered its activity. Statements about the integrity of the intermediary and the quality of its offers can not be derived from it.

The consumer should not be dazzled by the name, a chic website or a professional appearance with pretty stationery and nice giveaways. Instead, he should focus on the offers and contract terms.


Mesh No. 3: Documents by cash on delivery

Almost a classic is that the contract documents are sent by cash on delivery. The consumer is told that this is intended as a kind of protection for all involved. Often, the consumer is also informed that he is not taking any risk, because the COD charges are credited towards the cost of the credit.

In fact, however, it is generally the case that there are no contract documents in the envelope but only any application forms and advertising leaflets. Or in the envelope documents for a supposedly already approved in advance financial renovation, which the consumer has never requested. In any case, the COD charge is usually gone – and the consumer is one step closer to his credit.


Mesh No. 4: Advance payments for expenses

Mesh No. 4: Advance payments for expenses

There is also widespread the fact that the consumer already has expenses before any credit agreement has even been concluded. In principle, it is the case that a credit intermediary is entitled to compensation for his activity. However, only when the loan has been approved and disbursed as a result of the brokering activity.

The amount of the agency fee, in turn, must have been previously agreed in writing and, in addition, also be shown again in the credit agreement. That’s the law.

Dubious credit intermediaries circumvent legal regulations by charging for alleged expenses in advance. If the expenses were recorded in advance in a written contract, they are proven to have arisen in the context of the credit intermediation and were they really necessary, they may be imposed within narrow limits.

Dubious credit intermediaries, however, like to expect expenses that are so inadmissible. This applies, for example, to packages that are incomprehensible at all. Or for displays that are not. These include, for example, the working time or the travel expenses of a sales representative – or also fees for an urgent processing.

The consumer should generally refrain from offers where he should make any advance payments. Because the chances of obtaining a loan do not increase. And most of the time the money is gone, without ever a credit comes off.


Mesh # 5: Prepaid Credit Cards

A slightly newer scam from dubious credit intermediaries is that the alleged loan application is linked to a prepaid credit card application. A prepaid credit card works on a credit card basis. The consumer must first deposit money into his credit card account in order to use this credit for credit card payments.

Frequently, the terms of the contract are such that the application for a credit intermediation requires the credit card to be ordered. If the consumer refuses to order the credit card, the credit intermediation can not be processed.

The consumer should keep away from such offers. As a rule, no credit agreement will come about. Instead, he only receives a credit card, which is sent to him by cash on delivery and for which a partly overpriced annual fee is due. So he has only additional expenses for a product that he actually neither wanted nor needs.


Mesh No. 6: Home visits of the credit intermediary

Dubious credit intermediaries like to make home visits. And at the meeting, they offer the consumer various other products. The range here ranges from insurance to funds and savings plans to home savings and other investments.

And while they make their products palatable, they regularly remind consumers that the bank needs collateral. The advertised product would be such a security.

If the consumer agrees to the offer, in most cases he has only one contract on his side, which increases his expenses even further. Whether he gets a loan, but still in the stars. In any case, the financial product neither increases the chances of obtaining credit nor is it suitable as collateral.

That would be the case at best, if after a certain period of time a considerable amount of credit has accumulated. In addition, the regular contributions to the financial product only further limit – and not hedge – the ability of the consumer to pay the monthly loan installments on time and properly.


Mesh No. 7: Financial rehabilitation instead of credit

Mesh No. 7: Financial rehabilitation instead of credit

Although the consumer actually wanted a loan, many a credit intermediary offers him instead a financial rehabilitation. This should bring the economic situation back in order and improved. In the course of the offered financial restructuring, the existing debts and liabilities are to be combined in one loan.

The existing contracts will be replaced, so that the consumer in the future only has to pay a loan installment. Often it is also offered to increase the amount required a bit, so not again immediately new holes.

The catch on the thing is only that dubious financial renovation offers gladly go along with horrendous additional costs. Thus, the consumer receives regular mail, which informs him about the processing status of his request. Confirmations of prior authorization or alleged pledges from banks are also included in this letter.

Before it can go on, however, the consumer has to transfer various processing fees. And in practice it often stays with these fees, because the financial rehabilitation comes just as little as another credit.

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OK loan has a fairly extensive loan offer, starting from traditional loans available in stationary outlets, through internet loans to loans granted against gold jewelery.

I wanted to write about this company at least a few months ago, especially since I have the opportunity to pass one of their outlets at least a few times a week. Well, it did not happen sooner, but we made it before the end of the year so today there is a small X-ray of loans offered by Kredyt OK and I hope that with time there will also be some reviews written by you.

OK loan can be known to you from stationary branches of the company, which are already several dozen in Poland. In addition to lending in outlets, the company also specializes in Internet activities. This way, we can get both a short-term loan with a repayment period of 30 days and an installment loan with a maximum repayment period of 12 months.

In the case of payday loans, we do not have too much choice because the range of loans is from PLN 300 to 500, we also do not make any promotions for new customers in the form of loans for PLN 0. The cost of loans is not particularly high, and if I had to compare the company’s offer to other offers of payday loans, then the company would be somewhere in the middle in terms of costs. So it is not the cheapest but also the costs are not exaggerated and excessive.

In the case of long-term loans available in the option Nice Loan, the loan amounts can be up to PLN 3000 and the repayment period can be from 3 to 12 months. I did not find on the company’s website a popular slider with the help of which I could calculate the exact cost of the loan in the case of the selected amount and specific repayment period, but the company gave an example cost for a 3-month loan for the amount of PLN 1,500.

It just so happens that a few weeks ago I carried out a small review of loans with a 3-month repayment period and the main indicator of this review was the loan amounting to PLN 1,500. In the case of the Kredyt OK offer, the total cost of such a loan is PLN 647, which gives the amount of PLN 2147 to be repaid. As it is not difficult to count the monthly installment would be in this case about PLN 716. If, therefore, Kredyt OK were to be included in this ranking, the company would rank third in the ranking. It can therefore be considered that the company has quite an affordable proposal for long-term loans.

What conditions must be met in order to apply for a loan in Kredyt OK? The condition is 18 years old, having an ID card and a fixed monthly income that will enable repayment of the loan. In addition, it is necessary to have a mobile phone, a bank account and an active e-mail address. To obtain a loan, it is necessary to make a verification transfer for 0.01 PLN from your bank account.

At the end, it is worth mentioning two other proposals that the company has in its offer. The first is a loan for seniors given by phone which can be picked up at the post office or in one of the branches of Bank Pocztowy after showing the ID card. The second proposition of the so-called Golden Loan, ie loans granted against collections of rings, bracelets, chains and other gold products.

Online bad credit personal loans -Where to get a loan with bad credit /payday-loan-lender-list/ Mon, 18 Mar 2019 06:33:13 +0000 /online-bad-credit-personal-loans-where-to-get-a-loan-with-bad-credit/ Read More]]>


Maybe you are not familiar with it yet, but it is now possible to get money without interference from the bank. Borrowing money without a bank is the latest trend!

Where to get a loan with bad credit?

When is money borrowing without a bank is the latest trend for you a suitable solution? The loans with bad credit where you can borrow money without a bank are meant to ensure that as many people as possible can get money in an easy way- check these guys out. They do so by linking a few conditions to these loans. Taking out a loan is therefore possible without a blacklist being checked and without having to have a payslip. That means that in almost every case it is possible to get money quickly, also for you!

Thanks to a small loan borrowing money without a bank are the latest trend!

The loans involved here are called small loans. You, therefore, do not conclude these loans with the bank, but with special loan providers on the internet. There are several loan providers to find by Googling on terms like ‘small loan’ or ‘mini loan’. By reading the conditions carefully, you can then make a choice at which provider you take out your loan. Besides the fact that you have hardly any conditions with this loan provider and do not have to send papers, you can easily take out a loan online. You do not have to leave the house to take out your loan!

Borrowing money without a bank is the latest trend

These small loans are therefore just online to close. This means that a loan application only takes five minutes and that you can also arrange this at any time of the day. In the evening or at the weekend it is also possible to take out a loan from online loan providers. You do not have to send papers as a payslip with your application and you do not have to answer difficult questions. By omitting a blacklist check you can also assume that most loan providers have the same day you still have money! This ensures that borrowing money without a bank is easier to arrange than ever!

How much money to borrow without a bank is the latest trend?

You determine exactly how much you borrow with these small loans. The name already says that these are small amounts. The maximum amount that you can borrow with a small loan is often 1000 euros. If you want to borrow more money it is sometimes possible to close several small loans at the same time. Just how high the loan is, you can tune in how much money you need for something. Maybe you need 400 euros for a new floor, 650 euros for a public transport pass or you want to borrow 800 euros for the monthly rent. What exactly you spend the money on is unimportant, so you can do what you want with the money yourself. Borrowing money without a bank is the latest trend!

Obama promises aid to families mortgaged by charging taxes to large banks /obama-promises-aid-to-families-mortgaged-by-charging-taxes-to-large-banks/ Thu, 05 Jul 2018 09:18:51 +0000 /?p=36 Read More]]>



The president of the United States, Barack Obama, walks outside the White House in Washington. Kevin Lamarque / REUTERS

The US real estate market is experiencing a situation similar to that of Spain. Their real estate bubble burst and families now pay huge mortgages, because they owe the bank more than their homes are worth . And as in Spain the evictions have increased in geometric progression.

Because of that vertiginous decrease in the price of housing in recent years, more than 10 million owners (one in four) now owe the bank more money than the value of the house they bought in their day. It has been recognized by the president of the United States, Barack Obama.

He did so by presenting a plan to revitalize the real estate market that will allow millions of homeowners to refinance their mortgages and take advantage of historically low interest rates.

Owners “responsible”

Owners "responsible"

Many families have had to resort to the help of public programs to avoid losing their home, but until now these initiatives have been unable to cope with the magnitude of the problem. The plan presented seeks to benefit, according to the White House, 3.5 of the 10 million owners who owe more than their home is worth.

It also proposes greater leniency with the owners who are unemployed. Those “responsible” owners who are up to date in the payment of their mortgages can refinance them with loans at lower interest rates and guaranteed by the federal government, which will mean an average annual saving of about $ 3,000.

In addition to the refinancing of mortgages, Obama’s new plan includes more protection to prevent “inappropriate” evictions, the sale of properties seized by government agencies for private investors to place later on rent, and greater leniency with owners who are unemployed.

“Banks and lenders must be responsible for putting an end to the practices that helped cause the crisis,” Obama said today, urging Congress to approve this plan, whose estimated cost is between 5,000 and 10,000 million . Dollars.

The second Obama plan that tries

The second Obama plan that tries

The president proposes that the financing comes from the creation of a tax on the big banks and financial institutions, which complicates the plan being approved by Congress , where the Republican opposition controls the House of Representatives.

A similar plan in 2009 barely managed to restructure 900,000 mortgages The new initiative aims to be a complement to the Affordable Housing Modification Program (HAMP), which has just been extended until 2013, one more year than planned, to broaden the base of the participants .

Launched in 2009, the HAMP aimed to change the financial conditions of almost 4 million mortgages and avoid further evictions, but the government has acknowledged that it has barely helped to restructure 900,000 so far .

A help, but in exchange for what

A help, but in exchange for what

Mercedes Salas, an economist and advisor to the program of over-indebtedness to families of the World Bank of Women, believes that low-interest refinancing is good news: “It’s fabulous but you have to see in exchange for what low interest rates and letters will be given. small: If it is in exchange for more guarantees, extending deadlines … “.

The banks in Europe are injected with money they are not asked for, so it seems unthinkable that I can spend here

As to whether these measures would be possible in Spain, Salas is quite incredulous: “Banks in Europe are injected with money they are not asked for, so it seems unthinkable that they request taxes from large financial institutions in order to lower interest rates. to the mortgaged “. Hence, the economist also sees with difficulty that Obama can receive the support of Congress to approve this initiative.

Salas also believes that if, in the event that Spain lowers the interest on the mortgaged, the real problem could persist, since the interests are not the disadvantage for the over-indebted families, but the high price at which they acquired their homes: ” In Spain there is no problem of interest, the problem is the quantity itself, “he concludes.