FBI issues update on suspicious packages left in AT&T stores


The FBI has released an update on suspicious packages left at two AT&T stores.

They say that Thursday morning two explosive devices were found at AT&T stores in Cheboygan and Sault Ste. Married.

The FBI says police, Michigan State Police and FBI bomb technicians responded to the scene and secured the devices.

They say both devices were contained in USPS priority mailboxes and sealed with black duct tape. They also contained threat notes addressed to Verizon and AT&T on the top of both boxes, and were signed with “HJ” or “Handcuff Johnny”. The letters “CMT” were also written on the boxes.

The FBI and Michigan State Police believe the two devices are linked to a series of letters discovered in the UP in August.

They say the letter purportedly from the “Coalition for Moral Telecommunications“, or CMT, was found at several telecommunications tower sites across the UP, and made specific requests to the telecommunications companies.

The FBI is currently seeking information to identify the person responsible for dropping the packages.

Anyone with information on who may be responsible for the letters and explosive devices is urged to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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