All ADF personnel and platforms must be able to coordinate and share information with other parts of the organization, appropriately and securely, as components of a larger system. Each service has its own communication networks for activities within its own domain. Wherever joint action with other services, including joint use of electronic networks and space communications, is involved, a high level of planning, cooperation, provision of facilities and actual signal management is required.

Multiple ADF communication networks are structured to provide the necessary capabilities, while maintaining an efficient level of connectivity. Naturally, strict controls and ongoing monitoring are in place to ensure that each network is used for its intended purpose without creating any security compromises.

When working with Five Eyes and the forces of other partner nations, particular emphasis is placed not only on functionality, but also on maintaining the appropriate level of security. The Australian defense industry has been at the forefront of providing communications systems, including customizing them where necessary, while involving many Australian small and medium enterprises in these projects.


The APDR asked a Defense spokesman if he could identify the most important projects being developed at the moment.

The spokesperson’s response was “Defense currently has a number of major acquisition projects for the delivery of communications systems, including:

• SEA1442 Maritime Communications Modernization is a multi-phase program to improve the Navy’s maritime communications capability. It will upgrade communications systems on ANZAC-class frigates and address obsolescence to improve communications management.

• JP2072 Phase 2B Battlespace Communications System (Land) replaces and enhances the existing Battlefield Telecommunications Network (BTN) capability within the Army and Air Force.

• JP2008 Defense Satellite Communications Capability is a multi-phase program providing functional SATCOM capability for Defence.

• JP9103 Protected Satellite Communications will provide the space segment and ground infrastructure necessary to enable a sovereign advanced very high frequency satellite communications capability.

This is an extract from the APDR. To read the full story, click here.

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