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United States, September 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – EVERYWHERE Communications, the company that redefines global security and productivity solutions, continually innovates based on customer feedback and market data. Designed specifically for businesses and government customers, the EVERYWHERE platform enables organizations with people who are in and out of cell coverage to track and communicate with their teams deployed around the world. Based on continued engagement with its customers, EVERYWHERE has launched its latest feature, EVERYWHERE Check-ins.

EVERYWHERE Check-in provides real-time global insight into the situation of their team members and the state of their well-being. Customers can choose from team or geo-targeted recordings, providing automation and multi-channel notifications.

“We pride ourselves on a consultative approach with our customers to ensure that our product innovation is driven by both customer feedback and market data. Records are a perfect example of EVERYWHERE technology that enhances the due diligence of organizations around the world. – Jake Bailey, Vice President of Product Management and Customer Success


The new EVERYWHERE hub recording functionality allows admins to set and assign schedules, as well as proactive wellness checks that support due diligence. EVERYWHERE enables multi-channel notifications with time-stamped location information (SMS, email, app notifications and automated voice call).

These records can also be automated. Administrators can schedule automated check-ins for teams / individuals or active members within a user-defined geofence. A geographic barrier is a virtual boundary established around a geographic location. This location-based service, used by applications or communicators via Satellite, GPS, IridiumⓇ Satellite, Wi-Fi or even cellular data to trigger a preprogrammed action, such as recording, when a user exits or enters. in the border. Team members can respond with “I’m fine” or “I need help” with a free form message option added as well. Their status and location will be sent via Iridium satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi network using EVERYWHERE Intelligent RoutingTM. ANYWHERE Recordings provide the added security feature of automated missed recording notifications based on a user-defined time setting.


The Everywhere Hub provides real-time situational awareness by consolidating location, status, and message information and data communication with two-way compatible devices. The Hub allows supervisors to know where their assets are located and their status, ensuring that their staff can effectively manage operations remotely.

The Hub offers features such as multi-device, multi-network and EVERYWHERETM intelligent routing. Offering situational awareness, broadcast messaging SOS notification, along with encrypted text, data, audio and video, can all be managed through the EVERYWHERE hub. Finally, the Hub offers tools for visualization, data filtering and analysis, as well as third-party integration. Administrators use this web-based platform to communicate with their team and staff inside and outside the office, absolutely anywhere.

EVERYWHERE inReach by GarminⓇ

EVERYWHERE Communications and Garmin® International offer EVERYWHERE inReach through Garmin® Satellite Communicators. The compact satellite communicator allows teams to communicate when they are outside of cell coverage. When this communicator is paired with the EVERYWHERE app, users can seamlessly switch between cellular and satellite service as needed with EVERYWHERE Intelligent RoutingTM. GarminⓇ’s EVERYWHERE inReach is powered by IridiumⓇ, which uses the enhanced Iridium satellite constellations to provide global connectivity. This ensures security, connectivity and productivity solutions for businesses and government organizations, regardless of their location in the world.

The GarminⓇ EVERYWHERE inReach Mini is strong, durable, impact resistant and rated IPX7. The device includes an internal rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 90 hours of use with the default tracking mode of 10 minutes. It can also be used for up to 20 days in energy saving mode.

The new recording functionality offered by EVERYWHERE communications will change the way admins can log in and communicate with their team members and employees. Geo-targeted recording and team recording features provide benefits to team members as well as administrators, ensuring continued productivity and security for employees.

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Led by a team that has deployed $ 2 billion in connected services and IoT, EVERYWHERE Communications (www.everywherecomms.com) provides multimode cellular and satellite data communications, powered by patented technology deployed in critical environments for more than 10 years. In or out of cell coverage, we’ve connected you around the world. ALL OVER. The company is headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, with a technology center in Portland, ME.

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