Equipment to track usage of telecommunications services now in place in Zimbabwe


ZIMBABWE has enhanced its ability to track the uptake of telecom services after the commissioning of equipment to monitor traffic flows by network providers.

The telecom traffic monitoring system unveiled on Monday will also provide accurate real-time data collection, filling the revenue inflow gap.

Regulators are confident that the latest system will also create a platform for transparency in the telecom sector.

“So far, POTRAZ has relied on a self-reporting regime, in which operators report their own revenues. However, the information and reports provided by mobile network operators may be inaccurate, which means that the nation may in fact be harmed in terms of revenue. The mere potential for operators’ reporting to be inaccurate also undermines the ability of regulators to oversee,” said Dr. Gift Machengete, Chief Executive of the Regulatory Authority Zimbabwe Posts and Telecommunications.

The government asserts that it is the need to facilitate accurate statistics that is important in supporting the growth of the telecommunications sector.

“Cybercrime is rampant in all sectors, including the telecommunications sector. The cost of these crimes reaches six figures and most of these crimes go unreported. The government is pleased that the TTMS system is helping to combat against telecommunications or fraud perpetrated the filling of traffic and the use of gray routes or illegal gateways in the routing of international traffic.

“Fraudulent traffic ends up being reloaded into public networks via SIM boxes or illegal gateways, damaging operators and the economy with much-needed foreign currency earnings,” the information technology minister said. and Communication, Posts and Couriers, Dr. Jenfan Muswere.

The new system also detects fraudulent activity and tracks the perpetrators of such crimes.

It also provides a revenue assurance system that allows authorities to track traffic by operators in real time, and therefore calculate the revenue generated by each operator in real time.


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