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D-Orbit signed a launch and deployment contract with Kepler Communications which covers the launch of two small 6U telecommunications satellites.

The satellites will be on board inside the ION planet carriers (ION), the exclusive, versatile and economical D-Orbit technology, orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) designed to accurately deploy satellites and perform in-orbit third-party payload technology demonstrations. After the launch, scheduled for the first quarter of 2023, the satellite will be launched by ION over a radius of 500 to 600 kilometers Solar synchronous orbit (single sign-on).

Both satellites will carry Kepler’s Ku-band and S-band payloads to test and validate the technology that will enable inter-satellite communication and high-capacity data downlink for the company’s next generation of satellites. Kepler is creating the infrastructure to meet the current and future communication needs of the space industry by bringing the Internet into space. The Kepler network will provide constant connectivity to space assets, allowing critical data to be received in real time to amplify access to data generated in space.

We are proud to partner with Kepler, a company that is leading the way in implementing high-performance satellite constellations to bring the Internet into space.,” said Renato Panesi, commercial director of D-Orbit. “We believe that our two companies share a common vision for the future of the spatial data industry, and we are confident that there will be further opportunities for synergistic collaborations in the future..”

We are proud to partner with D-Orbit for the launch and deployment of our two new satellites leading to the development of our next-generation AETHER constellation.,” said Diane Burchet, vice president of engineering at Kepler. “The Kepler network will provide real-time, always-on communication to satellites and other space assets for our customers.”


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