Could space be the next war front?

  • If some country has the ability to destroy the satellite, then during the war only by destroying the satellite of the enemy country, he can bring it to its knees.

Explanation: space would be the next war front?– Friends, you must have read in the story that in the time of King Maharajas war was fought on the banks of a river or in a large field. Soldiers used to attack their enemies sitting on elephants or horses.

Time took a turn and elephants and horses were replaced by chariots and cannons. then time took another turn and the war between two countries was fought on land, air and sea. Weapons were developed for the fighter jet, missiles and even the nuclear bomb.

Even today you see all of this in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine.

But now time is taking another turn and now the next war will be fought on land, sea, sky as well as space, outside the earth. Many countries are preparing for this, the most important thing is that our country, India, is not behind anyone in this mission.

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Last year, Russia shot down its own satellite with a missile attack from one of its satellites. Since then, Russia’s move has been seen as a major strategy to turn space into a warfront.

Not only that, China is also preparing for space war very quickly. The joint challenge from Russia and China has created a crisis for the United States and its allies.

There are countries that have understood that whoever dominates space, he will become the greatest emperor in the world.

It was only after that that some countries also made space weapons and some are making them. India is also included in this list. India also successfully tested it in 2019.

Watch this video to understand the history of space weapons, i.e. anti-satellite weapons, their need, power and purpose, and how space would be the next war front.

When the war is fought in space, the enemy countries will first have made anti-satellite weapons to destroy each other’s satellites. Shooting down satellites means shutting down many facilities including communication, navigation, surveillance, etc.

History of anti-satellite weapons

Such missiles or rockets that go at high speed and shoot down the satellite of the enemy country, which revolves around the earth in space. It’s called an anti-satellite weapon

When the Soviet Union launched the world’s first Sputnik-1 satellite in 1957, the United States believed that the Soviet Union was deploying a nuclear-armed satellite in Earth orbit. Then America made the first anti-satellite weapon. It was an air-launched ballistic missile, named Bold Orion.

After this displacement of America, the Soviet Union also made its own anti-satellite weapon and named it Co-Orbitals.

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In 2007, China also joined this race. He blasted his old weather satellite into space with his ballistic missile. Due to which a lot of garbage spread in space.

In 2019, India also shot down its former satellite with a ballistic missile as part of “Mission Shakti”.

After seeing all this America panicked and in April 2022 America became the first country to ban hitting satellites with missiles.

Type of anti-satellite weapons

Anti-satellite weapons can be mainly divided into two types. One that takes advantage of its kinetic energy and collides with a satellite and destroys it.

Others are non-kinetic. That is, it does not use any type of missiles, rockets or drones, but cyberattacks are carried out. Satellites can attack through lasers. Such attacks can be carried out from the air, in low Earth orbit or even from the ground.

Countries involved in this race

Four countries have so far used their missiles to shoot down their old satellites. These are India, America, Russia and China. But later, America and Russia decided between themselves to eliminate these weapons. So that we can get relief from the war of nuclear weapons.

When Russia blew up its old satellites, the United States banned the destruction of satellites with missiles. Because the waste that comes out is dangerous for the International Space Station.

Anti-satellite weapon available to India

India has the Prithvi Air Defense (PAD) system for anti-satellite missiles. It is also called a ballistic missile interceptor. They are capable of attacking targets outside the Earth’s atmosphere and inside the Earth’s atmosphere.

India made the world discover its space capacity by destroying one of its satellites installed in low earth orbit 300 km from the Earth with a missile. This test of India is the proof that from now on any country will think a hundred times before attacking its satellites.

Friends, let me tell you that in modern times, satellites are used for many kinds of tasks. The operation of communication media such as mobile, Internet, GPS, etc. is only done by satellite.

Operations from the banking system to the stock exchange are also carried out through communication, for which it is necessary for the satellite to work properly.

These satellites are used to collect weather information, land and forest data.

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The missile is the deadliest weapon of war of our time. Whether it is a surface-to-surface missile or an air-to-surface or air-to-air missile, all require information from the satellite for precise targeting.

In such a situation, if some country has the ability to destroy the satellite, then during the war, he does not need to send his army, but only by destroying the satellite of the enemy country, he can bring it to its knees.

Although no country has so far destroyed another country’s satellites in space, it cannot be guaranteed that no one will do so in the event of a war situation in the future.

At the time of World War II, when America had launched a nuclear attack on Japan, before that, one could not even imagine that a country would use such a deadly weapon against anyone.

The same is true for anti-satellite missiles. If tensions with a country like China increase and India lacks the capability to destroy satellites, China could use this technology to disrupt India’s communication and navigation system.

Now that India has achieved this capacity, the same countries are talking about the waste accumulating in space. After India’s success, China also appealed to keep peace in space.


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