Connectivity is crucial for the recovery of tourism businesses. Can broadband satellite technology fill the gaps?


MANILA, Philippines – As the tourism industry in the Philippines recovers now, the next few years will remain crucial to sustaining its recovery, as well as the collective growth of tourism-related businesses across the 7,641 islands.

The tourism industry has consistently prompted tourism stimulus programs, such as airline promotions, travel agency offers, and new promotional efforts from local tourist sites.

If there’s anything that can boost the industry in these challenging and ever-changing times, it’s internet connectivity.

Internet an opportunity but the digital divide remains

Early in the pandemic, access to the internet and technology offered struggling businesses a lifeline, allowing them to migrate some of their services online.

As the tourism industry recovers, the Internet continues to enable businesses to conduct business operations, from marketing and communications to ongoing customer service.

Especially for hotels and resorts reserved for conferences and corporate meetings, a good internet connection is essential to provide customers with a smooth experience. Moreover, even emerging travel trends such as work from anywhere require connectivity to enable tourists to work while traveling.

As the tourism industry recovers, the Internet continues to enable businesses to conduct business operations, from marketing and communications to ongoing customer service.

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But while reliable Internet connectivity offers unlimited opportunities for businesses, the case was not so simple for businesses in remote areas that struggle to find a decent Internet connection or are not serviced by service providers. Internet access.

Take the case of Dipudo Private Island Resort in Isabela. Located off Maconacon, facing the Philippine Sea to the east, the resort’s off-the-grid location makes communication nearly impossible for residents and guests.

“Our only solution was to install Internet via satellite. We first settled with another company that was referred to us by a friend. However, this company closed its doors and we needed a new Internet provider,” explains Nicole Maguire, who manages the station.

Reaching the unreached

“Bambunet was able to arrange a very quick delivery as our old internet provider only gave us two weeks notice of closing. During this time I received videos and documents by email outlining the process setup,” Maguire shares.

“We were asked to install an application that helped us position the satellite. We found the installation process easy and didn’t need a special technician on site; however, we had telephone support during the positioning of the satellite,” she added.

The Dipudo Private Island Resort in Isabela.

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Bambunet, powered by Kloche Communications, is a local internet service provider in partnership with Singapore-based satellite operator Kacific. It provides reliable and affordable Internet in remote areas through its recently launched Ka-band broadband satellite, the Kacific 1.

While internet connectivity remains a challenge on many islands and on the country’s mountain sides, Kacific’s high-speed satellite offers hope and opportunity to these hard-to-reach communities.

But how exactly? Here is Satellite Broadband Internet Explained:

Kacific and Ka-band technology as viable solutions

Kacific, a next-generation broadband satellite operator, covers the Philippines with high-speed beams and offers broadband in small 1.2m antennas or terminal kits, making it quick and easy to install , especially in remote areas.

As a reliable Internet solution, even businesses with Fiber Internet connections can use this technology as a backup solution in the event of power and connectivity outages.

Fast, easy-to-install, and cost-effective satellite solutions like this offer remote areas better opportunities to thrive with stable Internet connectivity.

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What he does: Kacific achieves speeds of 85 Mbps (70 Mbps download speed; 15 Mbps upload speed), with affordable bandwidths offered at affordable rates. This speed is more than enough to run the tools and applications your business needs, web browsing, conference calls, and even entertainment.

For large enterprises and communities, Kacific can even provide 100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload for up to 60 users.

What’s new: What makes Kacific different from other carriers is its use of the next big thing in satellite technology –Ka band.

This band has higher frequencies in the 26-40 GHz range, making it faster, better, and more affordable than lower satellite bands like Ku-band and C-band, which only have 12 GHz ranges. at 18 GHz and 4 to 8 GHz, respectively.

What does that mean: In satellite technology, these higher frequencies for Ka band mean higher upload and download rates which gives you better internet performance. Ka band also allows for lower prices per MB and good power management, all with smaller antenna sizes.

Fast, easy-to-install, and cost-effective satellite solutions like this offer remote areas better opportunities to thrive with stable Internet connectivity.

Helping local businesses bounce back

Imagine how difficult it is for tourism businesses to operate without the internet. How would staff connect with customers, enjoy the best experiences, and share their wonderful memories online if they weren’t covered?

Kacific’s satellite solutions address this, especially for businesses facing lack of connectivity services. In fact, Kacific has dedicated spot beams that cover all remote areas from Batanes to Palawan and even as far as Sulu.

Apart from this, Kacific also has two local teleports located in Subic Bay and Clark as backup sites to ensure connectivity remains available even in bad weather.

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Kacific 1 and next generation technology

Kacific’s Gigstarter plans offer internet solutions for rural and remote businesses. These fully managed services and pay-as-you-go plans offer businesses a low-risk way to connect remote operations and offices to high-speed satellite Internet.

At these monthly prices, the connectivity solutions will also ensure that all your staff have reliable internet access for cloud applications, email, video calls and web browsing, no matter where they are.

No tourism business should be left behind as the industry rebounds from its pandemic crisis. With internet connectivity playing a crucial role in their recovery, Kacific is on their side to provide reliable, low-cost, high-speed satellite internet.

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