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Looking up into the night sky and early in the morning and seeing the International Space Station fly overhead is breathtaking. Just think you’re looking at something that is 250 miles above you, flying almost 17,500 mph! If you’ve never taken the opportunity to check it out, it’s well worth a few minutes of your time …

When to watch

Usually, we have to wait until after sunset and sometimes even until late evening or overnight to see the International Space Station pass over our region, but not this time around! This lap, the ISS will pass at 7:09 am! It will still be dark and turn to dawn because the sun will not rise until 7:57 am tomorrow. Not only can you see it waking up for work, but it will be visible in the sky for a whole 6 minutes!

Where to look

At 7:09 am, the ISS will appear approximately 10 degrees above the horizon in the sky of the SSW. He will head towards the ENE before disappearing. The best news is that the ISS will peak at an altitude of around 32 degrees. So that means looking around the lower third of the sky above the horizon!


Cloud cover will not be a problem during the passage of the ISS, but some low areas outside the city at this time in the morning. It will be a little chilly too because it is so early in the day, with temperatures in the upper 40s close to the city and higher 30 to low 40s outside of the city.

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