Canberra’s Penten selected by Airbus to join Meier team in building defense satellite system – Security


Canberra-based managed security services provider Penten has been asked by aerospace giant Airbus to join its Team Meier vendor group as a dedicated encryption partner.

The Meier team is a collection of Australian space and technology companies and academic institutions working together to develop a sovereign defense satellite communications system. The project is part of the Defense JP9102 communications program.

Penten was tasked with designing and building a transmission security module to ensure that the military communications program could not be jammed or intercepted.

The solution would take advantage of the company’s AltoCrypt Stik technology, which enables the secure exchange of sensitive information using modern devices approved for use by the Australian Signals Directorate.

Penten said that by applying its encryption technology to Airbus’ Proteus software-defined radio modem, it would provide a high-bandwidth anti-jamming solution that would mitigate interference from extraneous entities.

“We are delighted to partner with Airbus in Team Maier and to offer a fully Australian-developed cybertechnology solution to protect Australia’s military communications,” said Matthew Wilson, Managing Director of Penten.

“Joining the Maier team also offers a potential gateway for exporting Penten’s technology for use in Airbus satellite solutions globally.”

Airbus Defense and Space Australia director Martin Rowse said Penten’s encryption solutions would play a vital role in Team Maier’s sovereign satellite communications system.

“Combined with Airbus Defense and Space’s Proteus SDR modem, Penten will enable Team Maier to deliver a proven, ready-to-go solution with industry-leading resiliency and anti-jamming capability.”

“Given that Proteus’ predecessor, the Paradigm Modem, was developed here in Australia, it is only fitting that this technology will return home to allow Penten to lead a new wave of Australian technology development for the future of military capability. Australian.”

The European multinational, maker of civil and military aerospace and aeronautical products, said that when Team Maier’s solution is complete, it will provide the Australian government with sovereign control of satellite system communications and imagery.

Airbus said this could mean, for example, that satellite intelligence and communications could be used to support disaster response efforts by civil authorities, without the need for authorization from a third country.

Airbus formed Team Maier in 2020 and recruited members including SSTL, Microsoft, Clearbox Systems, Blacktree Technology, UGL and Willyama Services.

Willyama Services was brought on board in October last year to provide Secret and Top Secret security clearance to the bid team, as well as advice on risk management strategy, system architecture and security checks.


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