Broadband Cox en route to Maricopa

Cox Communications has confirmed that it will begin offering its full suite of services, including cable, Internet and voice services to the city later this year. Work will begin in early summer, but no official service start date has yet been announced. [International Press Telecommunications Council photo]

There will soon be competition for high-speed Internet, cable television and telephone service in Maricopa.

Cox Communications has confirmed that it will bring its full range of services to the city this year, with work starting in early summer. No launch date for the service has yet been announced.

“I’m thrilled to say that’s true,” Andrea Katsenes, Cox’s media relations manager for Arizona, said of the Maricopa service rollout. “We reached out to individual HOAs to get their consent to build in their communities and many began engaging their residents and legal teams for contract reviews.”

Cox said he would contact HOAs to explain available marketing plans and initiatives and asked potential customers to contact their homeowner associations for that information.

In a communication to local HOAs, Cox said there would be no financial obligation to the associations. The company will finance the entire construction.

Cox will offer services including 1GB internet speeds over a fiber line that will enable it to provide “fast internet, reliable voice services, a robust cable television platform, Cox Homelife service and office services.” commercial-grade home.”

Cox is the largest privately owned broadband company in the United States, providing service to more than 7 million individual customers in 16 states.


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