Aussie Halo Barcode star makes his G2 Esports debut in Spacestation’s HCS NA Super Sweep


After months of rumors that Aussie talent Barcode was looking to join a North American team, the Aussie made his debut for G2 Esports in the HCS NA Super this weekend. Taking fourth place on the list, one that has already been inhabited by three different players over the past six months, Barcode made a statement with a stellar performance that saw G2 knock out Spacestation. Games 3-0 in their first pool match.

While the three games in the best-of-five series were closer than the final series score would suggest, G2 can be encouraged by the roster’s immediate potential and ability to close out close games. The barcode was a major factor in showcasing this potential, overtaking G2’s stats screen in games one and two.

The Aussie was the only G2 member who could follow Ace’s killer production from Spacestation and Suppressed into Capture The Flag in game one. With seven more wins to his name than his closest teammate, for a total of 26, Barcode’s performance proved pivotal in a game that ended in overtime and ended only with a win. tight from G2 2-1. This was despite Ace and Suppressed both finishing the match with 13 and 10.7 KDA, respectively – an ominous sign that Spacestation’s objective play needs major improvements.

Barcode also got a triple kill in Slayer on Streets in game two, once again topping their team with 15 total kills in the match. Spacestation’s struggles on the show were only heightened when they faltered in the face of a small lead in their favor near the end of the game. A two-kill advantage for Spacestation with 10 kills to go resulted in a 50-42 victory for G2, which proved to be momentum that Spacestation failed to recover from in the third and final game.

Here are the final results of the Pool D match between G2 Esports and Spacestation Gaming:

  • Capture the Flag on Catalyst: 2-1 G2
  • Killer in the streets: 50-42 G2
  • Oddball on refill: 2-0 G2

Barcode left its Australian organization, The Chiefs Esports Club, after a six-month period of total dominance in the region at the start of Halo Infinitethe competitive season. While Barcode and G2 won’t enjoy the same kind of record in the face of increased competition in North America, it’s clear that these highest peaks and biggest rewards are much more of a home for Barcode’s talent than its home region. origin never was.

G2 will continue at the HCS NA Super this weekend as they aim to top Pool D and claim the top of North America with their updated roster.


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