Thousands of Valencians call for a "fairer" regional financing




Demonstration in Valencia for the improvement of regional funding. TWITTER SOCIALISTES VALENCIA

A massive demonstration was held on Saturday in the center of Valencia to show the unity of society around fair financing for the Valencian Community, a clamor that has joined thousands of people with parties, unions, employers and social entities. The protest passed without incident and without flags or slogans to avoid “any political bias”.

The organizers – the unions UGT-PV and CC OO PV together with the CEV regional association, with the support of PSPV, Compromís and Podemos – wanted this appointment to be “historical” and not be seen as an “exercise in victimhood”, for that “on Monday, all the political groups sit down to negotiate” about the distribution of funds.

The march has started with two large banners without acronyms of unions and parties, both under the slogan ‘El poble valencià exigeix ​​finançament just’ ( ‘The Valencian people demand fair financing’ , in Spanish) and led by the main representatives of organizers. It was followed by another five banners of dependency platforms, public education, NGOs, youth and public health.

The delegation spoke with the demonstrators of the main parties with representation in the Valencian Community -PSPV, Compromís and Podemos-. Citizens also supports the march and the PP has not joined in understanding that funding is claimed in institutions and not on the street.

At the institutional level, the entire Council has been added as a bloc , deputies from the Valencian Parliament and provincial and municipal representatives. All marched with the aim of launching a call for Valencian society to be heard “with one voice” to end the “discrimination” that has suffered with all regional funding systems, as reflected in the joint manifesto.

The demonstrators left after 6 pm on Guillem de Castro street in Valencia and continued their journey through the center of the capital through the Paseo de la Pechina and Blanqueries street, ending at the Torres de Serrano with the reading of the speech unitary.

Báñez responds

The Minister of Employment and Social Security, Fátima Báñez , has transferred her “respect” to the demonstrators of the great march on Saturday for regional funding -to which the Popular Party has not joined-, but stressed: “I hope that the public managers that today are demonstrating in Valencia are on Monday in the institutions negotiating for the Valencians and for Spain “.

Báñez has spoken in these terms at the closing of a day on employment, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs organized by the PPCV, in which the president of the Valencian “popular”, Isabel Bonig , has also intervened .

In his speech, the minister has acknowledged that we must improve the funding of the Valencian Community, but “to be useful to citizens” it is necessary to do “in institutions, the place where dialogue and agreement is made” and not in demonstrations like that of 18-N.

“I respect those who are going to demonstrate today in Valencia, they are in their right, but I hope to PSPV, Citizens, Commitments and We can on Monday in the institutions to improve the model for the Community and for the rest of Spain”, has underlined.

In this way, the head of Employment has ensured that there will be a better financing model for the Region “if the PSOE and the other parliamentary parties support it.” “That tell the truths and do not do half , Rajoy is willing, as always during this term, to build Spain pact to pact,” he said.

Báñez insisted, however, on the need to seek a regional financing system so that “fundamental public services are of higher quality for Spaniards, wherever they live” .

In that sense, he stressed that “the results” of the current system of distribution of funds “are not a novelty for the PP”, as he recalled that his party said in 2009 that “it was not a model of funding where everyone wins, but where everyone lost. “

“As I talked a lot with the (ex) ‘president’ (Alberto) Fabra , I was very aware that the Community had a future problem with this model”, he illustrated.

Bonig: The PP “has never been sectarian”

For its part, the president of the Valencian PP has also ensured that “respects” the demonstration, but has agreed with the minister that his party “will continue working for the five million Valencians, without asking who they kiss, where they come from, Who they vote or who they pray. ” “This party has never been sectarian and never will be,” he stressed.

“Those who will go behind the banner today know exactly where the problem is and who approved in 2009 a financing system that crushes the Comunitat to satisfy the separatists , was Zapatero’s PSOE,” he said.

Bonig has recalled that “the PP said that he was a bad model and that he was going to work to change it ” and he has reiterated: “This is what we did and we continue doing it, I did not hear Puig or Oltra complaining about that model, on the contrary. “

“It’s not the time of the banner”

In any case, the ‘popular’ has recognized that the Community “needs an improvement in funding” , but believes that, currently, “it is not the time of the banner, but to negotiate it in the offices, in the policy council fiscal and vote it in Congress. “

“To change the law we do not have an absolute majority, we need at least the PSOE, that is why today they are demonstrating, on Monday we will continue to be poorly financed because of the Zapatero government and we will have to continue negotiating and dialoguing, and I expect the institutional loyalty of at least , the PSOE “, has riveted.