Corredor delivers the keys of 31 VPO in rent and lease with option to buy in Es Pil·larí

More than 8,000 Balearic youth have received the Basic Emancipation Income


The Secretary of State for Housing and Urban Actions, Beatriz Corredor, has handed over this Friday the keys of 31 Housing Official Protection under lease or rental with option to purchase, real estate that has been considered to have an “excellent quality.”

Corredor, who has been accompanied by the president of the Government, Francesc Antich, the mayor of Palma, Aina Calvo, and the head of the Consell de Mallorca, Francina Armengol, explained that these properties are part of a promotion of 156 homes Ibavi that the Ministry of Development has helped finance with 13.7 million euros between a direct subsidy of 4.2 million and a subsidy of 9.5 million for the payment of the loans.

These protected homes, as recalled by the Minister of Housing and Public Works, Jaume Carbonero, were purchased in stock from private developers, after the previous Govern of the PP decided to sell the site that was owned by the autonomous community. The purchase of the three buildings involved an investment of 24.74 million euros.

Although in this neighborhood the Ibavi manages 156 VPO, the promotion of which this Friday the keys of 31 homes have been delivered, is of 78 properties. Of these, 39 are for rent and the other 39 for rent with option to purchase.

Thus, 13 contractors have accessed rental housing, so they will pay monthly fees of 380 to 450 euros, depending on the specific characteristics of each property. The other 18 will pay between 518 and 664 euros per month and, after a period of one year, they can opt to purchase the apartment, for which 50 percent of the amounts paid for rent will be deducted from the final sale price. BETWEEN 167,000 AND 199,000 EUROS

Once ten years have elapsed, the homes of the promotion can be purchased for prices between 167,000 and 199,000 euros, including parking and storage. In addition, the floors consist of two or three bedrooms, and have surfaces that range between 73 and 90 square meters.

For his part, Antich has emphasized that this delivery of keys highlights that the community has changed the “way of acting” that it had in terms of housing, since the previous Executive “had no housing policy”, and had that make a major effort in “acquiring lots to build”.

On the other hand, Corredor stressed that the acquisition of 156 homes for private developers has been facilitated by the measures taken by the central government to encourage part of the stock of free property to go to the VPO market and allow the planned aid in the State Housing and Rehabilitation Plan “also reach these homes.”

In this way, as explained, more affordable housing is made available to families and it contributes to the absorption of the stock, which helps to reactivate the real estate sector and, therefore, to the creation of employment.

Also, the Secretary of State has highlighted other aid implemented by the central executive, such as the nearly 100 million that she has granted since 2004 to families on the islands to favor their access to the purchase or rental of a home, as well as to rehabilitation. 1,400

Refurbished homes

Refurbished homes

With regard to young people, he has indicated that more than 8,000 people in the Balearic Islands have received the Basic Emancipation Income, thanks to an investment of 21.5 million euros by the central government. In addition, the aid for the Rehabilitation and Urban Renewal Areas – with a total investment of 6.2 million – has allowed the rehabilitation of 1,400 properties on the islands.

It should be noted that both the mayor Aina Calvo and Antich, before the handover of keys, have held a meeting with several neighbors who have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that more families will live in Es Pil·larí when in this area , as they point out, medical or school resources are already “saturated”. According to critics, the administrations have them “abandoned”.

Finally, the Ibavi has presented its activity report which includes, among other matters, information on the 87 projects it has managed during this term, 59 of which are new work, 17 have been acquired from private developers and 19 are It deals with rehabilitations carried out in the Polígono de Levante and Mahón.